Zip Lock Baggies

Zip Lock Baggis

Keep your herbs fresh, clean and odourless with our quality selection of durable zip lock baggies. At Glass Bongs Australia, we have a fantastic collection of reliable and versatile zip lock baggies designed to keep odours in and prevent other environmental factors such as heat, water and moisture seeping in and potentially ruining your product. Keeping your products stored in one of our carefully selected zip lock baggies will allow you to store your products with the utmost confidence knowing they’re safe and sound from harmful elements.

We stock a solid assortment of smell-proof zip lock baggies from some of your favourite brands including Skunk, Cookies, Head Chef plus many more. Their ground breaking bag technology include being sealed along the edges with a triple pressed, extra wide and thick seal so you’re herbs and products don’t ooze odours. Also featuring a double locking zipper that is three times thicker and more pliable than standard bags and water and puncture resistant qualities result in extremely hard-wearing and robust bags that will keep your products crisp and like new. Plus, the long-lasting qualities of our bags allow for them to be used over and over again so you don’t send them to landfill when you’re done. Available in a bunch of different sizes, we have the right zip lock baggies for all your needs!

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