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  • Pink is one of the most popular bong colours at Glass Bongs Australia.
  • The colour exudes calm, vibrancy and fun that makes every smoking session a unique and personal experience.
  • We reveal 13 pink bongs that you should consider when you're looking for a new pink-coloured rig.

Pink. It’s a colour that has been engulfed in debate for generations. Society’s perception of pink has not only changed over the years, but our attitudes towards the colour are constantly shifting. Whether it's feminine, powerful, masculine, erotic, tranquil or transgressive, we all have our own perspective on the provocative colour.

At Glass Bongs Australia, we love how pink doesn’t divide, rather how it brings us together. No matter your background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or circumstance, it’s a colour for everyone. Simple.

To celebrate the colour’s popularity, inclusiveness and eye-catching hues, we have listed 13 of our favourite pink-coloured bongs all smoking connoisseurs should have in their collection.

Pink bong and ash catcher

Pink bongs are poular with bong smokers for a number of reasons:

Aesthetic Attraction

The colour pink is often linked to femininity, romance, and a playful nature, making pink bongs visually appealing to individuals who are attracted to these characteristics.

Pink bongs, with their vibrant and attention-grabbing appearance, can infuse a user's smoking experience with a touch of personality and style.

Variety and Personalisation

Pink bongs come in a range of shades and designs, giving users the opportunity to choose a bong that reflects their unique style and preferences.

This versatility allows users to express themselves and introduce a fun and fashionable element into their smoking sessions.


Pink bongs are often regarded as thoughtful and distinctive gifts, particularly for those who appreciate the colour pink or have an affinity for aesthetically pleasing smoking accessories.

The popularity of pink bongs also stems from their appeal as gifts for friends or loved ones.

Trend Influence

The popularity of pink bongs is also influenced by trends and fashion.

As pink continues to be a trending colour across various product categories, including smoking accessories, the demand for pink bongs has grown, making them a favoured choice among bong users.

Get ready to take your smoking experience to the next level with the alluring Bud Light Activated Beaker Bong in a stunning pink hue. This unique bong is not your ordinary frosted beaker; it has a captivating secret. When exposed to sunlight, it magically absorbs the rays and radiates a mesmerising pink glow, making it impossible to look away. It's time to add some excitement to your smoking lifestyle with this must-have pink bong.

Get ready to elevate your smoking game with the mesmerising Bud Fluoro Tree Percolator Bong in a vibrant pink shade! This absolute gem stands tall at 28cm and is guaranteed to be the center of attention with its captivating fluorescent pink hue. Say goodbye to your old crusty bong because this beauty will outshine them all. Made from durable 4mm borosilicate glass, it features a built-in tree percolator that effortlessly filters and diffuses your smoke, giving you an incredibly smooth and enjoyable experience.

Unleash a whole new level of excitement during your smoking sessions with the one-of-a-kind Higher Concepts Spiral Bong in a stunning pink hue. Crafted from top-notch 5mm thick borosilicate glass and towering at an impressive 45cm, this bong takes the crown as the standout piece in the Higher Concepts collection. Prepare to be captivated by its mesmerising spiral glass tube design, an absolute delight to behold and use every single day.

Discover the irresistible allure of the Bud Bent Bubble Bong, a beautifully crafted smoking bong in vibrant pink. This stunning masterpiece is more than just eye candy. Standing at 33cm tall, it is built to last with its durable 4mm borosilicate glass material, ensuring longevity even with heavy usage. The long bent neck, adorned with the iconic Bud logo in a popping pink hue, not only adds a striking visual element but also offers a comfortable grip for effortless enjoyment.

Introducing the Bud Gripper Bong in eye-catching pink shades, the ultimate bong for a stylish and comfortable smoking experience. Crafted from durable 4mm thick borosilicate glass, this stunning piece stands at an impressive height of 33cm. Its unique pistol-grip design ensures a cozy and ergonomic feel, effortlessly enhancing your smoking sessions and boosting your confidence when sharing it with friends. Complete with the iconic pink Bud logo and a generous water chamber, this bong is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast.

Get ready to indulge your senses in a mesmerising display of vibrant pink shades. Introducing the one-of-a-kind Bud Matrix Percolator Bong, designed to give you an unparalleled smoking experience. Standing at an impressive 40cm tall, this bong is expertly crafted from 5mm thick, ultra-durable borosilicate glass. Not only does it withstand heat like a champ, but it also filters your smoke to perfection, ensuring every hit is pure and velvety smooth. Prepare for an explosion of flavours as this beauty brings out the full profile of your favourite cannabis strain. Get your hands on this crowd-pleaser and elevate your smoking game to new heights.

Get ready to have your mind blown by the wicked pink-coloured Bud Double UFO Percolator Bong 35cm. This bong is truly incredible, as it enhances everything you adore about the original Bud UFO Percolator Bong, providing an even more enjoyable smoking experience. Featuring two gorgeous dome-shaped percolators with multiple holes, this 35cm beaker-based bong offers unparalleled filtration and diffusion, taking your smoking sessions to a whole new level.

Enhance your smoking experience with the trendy and chic 30cm Bud Straight Tube Bong in sassy pink. Crafted from sturdy 5mm borosilicate glass, this slim and stylish bong is designed to withstand even the toughest handling. The wide and comfortable mouthpiece adds a playful touch of pink, while the matching pink flat base ensures stability. And let's not forget the eye-catching Bud logo on the neck - it's a vibrant shade of pink that adds a dash of personality to this modern and elegant design. Get ready to elevate your smoking sessions like never before!

Introducing the incredible Bud Beaker Bong - now in a larger size! This magnificent piece is perfect for those who love big hits and are all about the pink vibes. With its stylish design and towering 33cm height, it's sure to catch your attention. The spacious beaker base is designed to hold a generous amount of water, resulting in incredibly smooth and satisfying pulls of your beloved cannabis buds. Get ready to blow your mind with this amazing bong!

Discover the ultimate smoking pleasure with the exquisite Bud Tree Percolator Bong. This stunning pink 40cm piece is designed in the shape of a beaker and showcases a captivating pink tree percolator at its core. Boasting numerous arms and apertures, the tree percolator effectively filters your smoke through the water, delivering a refreshingly cool and smooth sensation. Bid farewell to bothersome coughing and welcome a truly gratifying smoking experience.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary smoking adventure with the vibrant pink Bud Straight Tube Matrix Percolator Bong. This incredible creation takes the traditional straight tube bong to a whole new level by integrating an awesome matrix percolator right in its core. Prepare to be blown away as this authentic percolator works its magic, ensuring that every hit you take is pure bliss with enhanced flavours and an effortlessly smooth exhale.

Prepare to be amazed by the unique and captivating smoking experience delivered by the exquisite 30cm Bud UFO Percolator Bong. The true star of this show is the remarkable UFO percolator, an absolute marvel in design. Serving as both the centerpiece and a symbol of elegance, this percolator is ingeniously crafted to elevate the diffusion and filtration of your smoke, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable smoking session. Get ready to indulge in an unparalleled sensation that will leave you breathless.

Discover a vibrant and chic way to enjoy your smoking experience with the irresistibly pink Bud Beaker Bong. Standing tall at 25cm, this bong boasts a pink shade that sets it apart as a true gem in the Bud collection. Its timeless beaker base design allows for generous smoke capacity, ensuring you get the most out of every hit. Crafted from durable 4mm borosilicate glass, this bong guarantees a flavourful and silky smooth draw, elevating your cannabis strains to an entirely new level.

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