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  • Discover why bongs are hailed as the ultimate smoking device and why it's time to ditch your old pipe.
  • Bongs are perfect for cannabis lovers who want a clean and smooth smoking experience. With their advanced filtration system, they ensure you inhale pure, cool smoke without any impurities or toxins.
  • Bongs trump pipes in terms of delivering bigger hits when it comes to smoking cannabis. This is because bongs have larger chambers that allow more smoke to accumulate, resulting in a more satisfying hit.
  • Bongs offer better control over cannabis consumption compared to pipes. With larger bowl capacity, bongs enable multiple hits without the need for repacking.
  • Bongs are ideal for cannabis smoking as they provide a plethora of customisation options and accessories, allowing you to personalise your smoking experience.

Bongs and pipes are two of the most popular choices for smoking cannabis. Both serve the purpose of delivering medicinal and recreational benefits, however, one device reigns supreme. In this blog post, we explore the reasons behind the reputation of bongs being the best smoking device and why you should trade your pipe for one today.


Man preparing a Higher Concepts Spiral Bong to smoke

bong is a device used for smoking cannabis. It usually has a tall tube, a cone piece for holding cannabis, a downstem that goes into water, and a mouthpiece. The bong is filled with water and the cone piece is packed with cannabis and then lit up. When you breathe in through the mouthpiece, the smoke goes through the water in the bong, getting filtered and cooled before you inhale it.


A pipe, on the other hand, is a handy tool for smoking cannabis. It's a smaller device that typically comes with a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. Users just need to fill the bowl with cannabis, apply heat with a lighter, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Unlike a bong, the smoke isn't filtered through water.


Woman exhaling smoke from a Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

There are distinct differences between a bong and a pipe when used for smoking cannabis. These include: 

  • Size & Design: Bongs come in various shapes and sizes, often larger and more intricate than pipes. You can find bongs in small or even towering heights of 40cm and above. They often come with fancy extras like percolators and ash catchers, ensuring superior filtration and a cool smoking experience. On the flip side, pipes are usually smaller and more compact for on-the-go use and discreet smoking sessions.
  • Water Filtration: When it comes to bongs and pipes, a major distinction lies in the use of water filtration. Bongs make use of water to filter and cool the smoke, resulting in a more pleasant smoking experience. By removing impurities and toxins, the water ensures that the smoke is smoother and less harsh before it reaches your lungs. Pipes, on the other hand, lack water filtration and deliver the smoke directly to the user which can be harsh and cause irritation to the lungs.
  • Smoke Quality: Bongs provide a cleaner and cooler smoke than pipes, thanks to their water filtration system. By removing harshness and heat from the smoke, the water ensures a smoother hit. That's why many people prefer bongs, especially those who are sensitive to harsh smoke or simply want a more enjoyable smoking experience.
  • Portability: When it comes to convenience and portability, pipes are the way to go. They are small, lightweight, and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. On the other hand, bongs are better suited for home use or when you have your own smoking spot, as they are larger and more delicate.
  • Smoke Intensity: Bongs are popular because they can deliver bigger and stronger hits than pipes. The water filtration and larger chamber of a bong enable inhaling a larger volume of smoke, leading to a more powerful high. Although pipes can still provide a satisfactory hit, they may not match the intensity offered by bongs.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning: Both bongs and pipes require regular cleaning and maintenance. Both are capable of building up resin over time and need to be cleaned for better functionality. Bongs are larger and therefore require cleaning accessories such as liquid bong cleanersbrushes and cleaning plugs or caps. You may also need to take apart accessories such as cone pieces, downstems and ash catchers in order to achieve a thorough clean. Pipes can also be time-consuming to clean as the intricate design of pipes results in resin building up in hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning accessories such as pipe cleaners are essential for the pipe cleaning process.


Woman lighting Higher Concepts Beaker Bong

Bongs are superior to pipes for a several reasons. These include:

1. Better Filtration

Bongs are the go-to option for cannabis enthusiasts as they come equipped with an innovative filtration system that ensures a seamless smoking session. Unlike pipes, bongs incorporate water filtration to effectively cool and purify the smoke before it hits your lungs, eliminating any impurities and toxins along the way. This means you can enjoy a cleaner and smoother inhale every time you light up.

When smoking with a bong, the water acts as a filter, preventing big particles from entering your lungs. It also gets rid of ash, tar, and other unwanted substances in the smoke, creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the water cools down the smoke, reducing the typical harshness of smoking cannabis through a pipe.

Bongs, being larger than pipes, also have the advantage of providing excellent smoke filtration and cooling. The smoke undergoes a thorough process of filtration and cooling as it travels through the water chamber, resulting in a delightfully smooth and comfortable experience for your throat and lungs.

Bongs are also superior to pipes because they offer various filtration alternatives like percolators and ash catchers. With these additions, the filtration process is improved, creating a more pleasant and smooth smoking encounter. Percolators break down the smoke into tiny bubbles, increasing water contact and enhancing filtration. On the other hand, ash catchers add another level of filtration and removes any unwanted ash from your smoke before inhaling.

2. Bigger Hits

When it comes to smoking cannabis, bongs take the lead in delivering bigger hits compared to pipes. The reason is quite simple - bongs have larger chambers than pipes. With these spacious chambers, more smoke can gather, resulting in a more satisfying hit. You can easily inhale a larger amount of smoke in a single go, leading to a truly intense experience. 

Bongs also have larger mouthpieces and cone pieces (bowls) than pipes. The wider opening lets more smoke flow into your lungs, so you can take bigger hits. The bowl is where you put and burn the cannabis. With a bigger bowl, you can pack and burn more cannabis at once, which means more smoke. And that makes using a bong even more intense.

3. Efficient Consumption & Less Wastage

When using a bong to smoke, you have more control over how much cannabis you burn. Unlike pipes, bongs can hold more cannabis in the bowl, allowing you to take multiple hits without having to repack. This means you can make your cannabis last longer compared to using a pipe, which typically burns all the cannabis in one go.

Bongs are also great for longer smoking sessions compared to pipes. They have bigger chambers and a water filtration system that gives smoother hits, so you can enjoy longer and more satisfying tokes. This is especially beneficial for those who like to take their time or use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

4. Accessories & Customisation

Bongs are great for smoking cannabis because they offer more customisation options and accessories compared to pipes. This means you can tailor your smoking experience to your liking. High-quality bongs often come with interchangeable parts like percolators, downstems and cone pieces, so you can personalise how the smoke is filtered and diffused. Plus, there are different shapes and sizes to suit every preference and smoking style.

Bongs also offer an enhanced smoke through customisable features. For instance, ash catchers ensure that ash and debris stay out of the water, leaving behind a flavourful experience. Additional ice notches can be included to cool the smoke, delivering a smoother hit. Moreover, bongs with carb holes or airflow control mechanisms allow users to adjust the intensity of their hits. Conversely, pipes boast a straightforward design and fewer options for personalisation.


Woman smoking Higher Concepts Spiral Bong

If you're thinking of transitioning from pipes to bongs, you may be curious about the key factors to consider when purchasing your first bong. While pipes have their appeal, bongs offer a unique smoking experience that countless enthusiasts genuinely savour. Things you should consider include:

  • A Different Smoking Experience: When it comes to transitioning from a pipe to a bong, one key factor to consider is the smoking experience. Bongs are well-known for their ability to deliver a smoother and cooler hit, thanks to the water filtration system they have. Take a moment to think about how whether you enjoy the intense and direct smoking experience that pipes offer or if you prefer the smoother inhales that bongs provide.
  • Size & Portability: There are many different sizes and shapes available when it comes to bongs. You can choose a small and travel-friendly bong or go for a larger, more extravagant piece to show off at home. Remember, bigger bongs usually have better filtration systems, which means a smoother hit. While small bongs are ideal when you need to keep your smoking discreet and private.
  • Percolators & Filtration: When it comes to bongs versus pipes, one major advantage of bongs is the wide range of percolators and filtration options available. These percolators act as extra chambers or features in the bong, providing even more filtration and cooling for the smoke. So, before making your choice, think about whether you prefer a bong with multiple percolators or a simpler design that still guarantees a pleasurable smoking experience.
  • Materials: There are different materials available for bongs like glass, acrylic, silicone, and ceramic. Glass bongs are well-liked because they are durable, visually pleasing, and provide smooth hits. Acrylic and silicone bongs, on the other hand, are easier to carry around and less likely to break. Ceramic bongs have distinctive designs and are known to retain heat well. Think about your preferences and lifestyle to determine which material suits you best.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Bongs need to be cleaned more often than pipes because of their larger size and extra parts. When picking a bong, think about how easy it is to clean and maintain. Glass bongs are usually easier to clean, but bongs with fancy percolators might need more work to keep them working their best.
  • Budget: When it comes to buying a bong, your budget matters. Bongs can vary in price based on the materials, craftsmanship, and extra features. Simply figure out your budget and start browsing within that range. This way, you'll find a top-notch bong that suits your needs perfectly.


There are a plethora of online smoke shops selling bongs in Australia. Glass Bongs Australia is the country's leading online retailer and stock the biggest range of bongs from the world's best brands. With free shipping on all orders over $150 and fast, discreet shipping, it's the ideal shop to start your journey from pipe smoking to bong smoking.


Bongs and pipes are popular options for smoking cannabis. While both offer medicinal and recreational advantages, bongs are widely regarded as the superior choice. Bongs are a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts due to their advanced filtration system, ensuring a smooth smoking experience. Unlike pipes, bongs provide larger hits, granting you more control over the amount of cannabis consumed. With a larger bowl capacity, bongs allow for multiple hits without the need for repacking. Enjoy a personalised smoke session with customisable bongs, making them the perfect choice for cannabis lovers.

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