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  • Iridescent bongs and smoking accessories add a touch of class and style to your smoke. They shimmer and shine in different light making them a visually stunning addition to your collection.
  • Higher Concepts are the masters of iridescent smoking goodies. No matter your experience level, they've got all the iridescent essentials you need for a great smoking session - including glass bongs, ash catchers, downstems, and cone pieces.
  • Exclusive to Glass Bongs Australia, Higher Concepts provides top-quality, stylish, and affordable iridescent bongs and smoking accessories.

Looking for the perfect bong and matching accessories can be quite a task. But don't worry, because Higher Concepts has got you covered. Their signature brand offers the most reliable, sophisticated, and affordable bongs and smoking accessories out there. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, they have got everything you need - from glass bongs and ash catchers to downstems and cone pieces. In this post, we'll be taking a closer look at their famous iridescent bongs and smoking accessories that are sure to add some colour to your life.

Ignite your imagination and explore the boundaries of potential with the Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent. Crafted from 7mm thick borosilicate glass, this petite piece measures in at a mere 22cm, making it the smallest in the signature range. Shine a light onto this bong and behold the captivating array of rainbows that shimmer and flicker as the iridescent finish reflects the light. Despite its miniature size, this compact bong still has the same power and intensity, allowing you to take it with you on your cannabis-infused adventures.

Climb to a remarkable level and soar above the clouds with the gorgeous, curvy and unmistakable Higher Concepts Tree Percolator Bong 33cm - Iridescent. This bong is made from hard-wearing 7mm thick borosilicate glass, measures 33cm in height and is beautifully topped off with a strong mouthpiece ensuring pleasant draws every time. Shine light on the bong and watch it glitter and glimmer as the reflective finish reflects a spectrum of rainbow colours that will stimulate your senses with every use. The slim line design of the glass tube is broken up by three ice notches and a six-arm tree percolator, which is set up to filter your rip for a lush, velvety and super smooth experience.

Reach for the skies and soak in the unparalleled effects of the Higher Concepts Beaker Bong 25cm - Iridescent, with its iridescent hues. This timeless piece is crafted from sturdy 5mm thick borosilicate glass and stands at 25cm tall. Expose it to the light and watch it sparkle, reflecting a range of rainbow colours that will titillate your senses with every session. Its simple design features a thick, comfortable mouthpiece, three ice notches for a cooler, smoother hit, as well as the iconic Higher Concepts logo on the neck.

Observe your smoke twist and dance through the shimmering iridescent Higher Concepts Spiral Bong 45cm - Iridescent. Crafted with 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this 45cm tall bong is the biggest in the Higher Concepts signature series. Its mystifying and graceful spiral glass cut design is a treat for the eyes and amazing to feel when you're taking a hit. Plus, its iridescent coating glitters and shifts in the sun, adding an extra dose of fun and enthusiasm when you're smoking with friends.

Make a bold statement and take your smoking experience to the next level with the Higher Concepts Beaker Bong 37cm - Iridescent, whose enchanting iridescent colouring will mesmerize your senses. This classic beaker-shaped bong stands at an impressive 37cm and is crafted from robust 7mm borosilicate glass, guaranteeing a durable and dependable smoking experience. Place the bong in different lighting and observe as it shimmers and sparkles with a rainbow of colours. With a wide, comfortable mouthpiece, three ice notches for a cooler smoke and the iconic Higher Concepts logo on the neck, this timeless piece is a true standout in their signature range.

Introducing the game-changing Higher Concepts 90° Ash Catcher! With its 14mm joint, this innovative accessory guarantees top-tier filtration, keeping your bong free from any ash or unwanted debris. Equipped with an impressive 11-arm percolator, it effortlessly disperses smoke for an unmatched smoking experience that is both pure and satisfying. Crafted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the Higher Concepts 90° Ash Catcher stands tall at 12cm, ensuring durability and longevity. Get ready to elevate your smoking sessions to new heights!

Looking for a bong upgrade that not only catches your eye but also delivers on durability and versatility? Look no further than the Iridescent Higher Concepts Glass Diffusor Downstem 14mm. Its shimmering hues and stout, heat-defiant glass ensure smooth and pure hits every time. Plus, its unpretentious and refined design effortlessly enhances any bong or rig with style. Upgrade your sessions with this little gem.

Enhance your smoking experience with the stunning iridescent Showerhead Ash Catcher 14mm. This must-have bong accessory is designed to keep your hits smooth and free from any unwanted ash or particles. The showerhead percolator takes filtration to the next level, ensuring each pull is pure and velvety. Plus, its eye-catching colors shimmer beautifully when exposed to sunlight. Don't miss out on this premium tool for an elevated smoking session.

The Higher Concepts 45° Ash Catcher is a durable and effective accessory for your bong. Made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass, it ensures long-lasting use. It keeps your bong clean for extended periods, making maintenance hassle-free. The ash catcher fits perfectly with 14mm female joints and has a captivating iridescent hue. The Higher Concepts logo adds a touch of sophistication to its design. Get your hands on this unique and impressive ash catcher today!

Introducing the vibrant and spacious Higher Concepts Glass Cone Piece! This uniquely designed male glass cone piece from our premium Higher Concepts collection is perfect for packing your chosen herbs for numerous enjoyable sessions. Its elegant hourglass shape not only adds a classy and stylish touch to your bong, but also enhances the overall smoking experience. Not to mention, its shimmering and reflective surface beautifully captures and refracts light, providing an exquisite final flourish to your rig.

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