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  • Orange Chronic is a potent bong cleaner that effortlessly removes stubborn tar and resin build-up from glass, metal, and ceramic bongs, pipes, rigs, and other smoking accessories, leaving them sparkling and fresh.
  • Orange Chronic is the perfect solution for removing tar and resin build-up, leaving your bong looking fresh and sparkly.
  • Orange Chronic bong cleaner is budget-friendly, making it the ideal choice for those on a tight budget.

Tired of all the gunk and resin accumulating in your bong? Worry no more, stoner buds, Orange Chronic is here to save the day! This powerful bong cleaner is designed to tackle the toughest tar and resin build-up on your glass, metal and ceramic bongs, pipes, rigs and other smoking accessories - leaving them sparkling clean like new. In this blog, we'll be sharing what makes Orange Chronic so great and some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your cleaner. Plus, if you ever run out, we've got a few alternatives for you to try!


Orange Chronic is the go-to bong cleaner for stoners worldwide! This dope cleaner breaks down tar and resin build-up while getting rid of all the smoke residue in your bong, giving it a fresh and sparkly look. It's got a unique, powerful and patented formula that'll get your bong clean without putting the environment at risk. Plus, since it's made from natural ingredients and is non-toxic and biodegradable, you can use it on any bong made from glass, metal or ceramic without fear. You can either buy it in liquid or powder form - liquid is more convenient, while powder is more powerful. So, whether your bong is looking a bit dull or is covered in grime, Orange Chronic has got your back!


Orange Chronic is the perfect way to clean out your bong after every sesh! It comes packed with a combination of natural ingredients that make it super easy to get rid of all that nasty gunk and grime. The special formula breaks it down so it's easy peasy to rinse away with hot water and a soft brush. All that's left is a sparkly clean bong just waiting for your next smoke session!


There are many benefits to using Orange Chronic when it comes to cleaning your bong and smoking accessories:

  • You don't have to waste time scrubbing away the residue and build-up that can accumulate over time because Orange Chronic takes care of it in a jiffy.
  • You'll get to enjoy that smooth smoke and all the flavours of your fave strains - no dirt or grime sneaking in.
  • It's so easy to use, too - all you do is pour it in, give it a shake and rinse with warm water. Bam! Clean bong in no time.
  • It doesn't leave an aftertaste or bad smell once you're done, so you can enjoy the full aroma of your cannabis.
  • Plus, it's affordable at $19.95, so you can grab it whenever you're in need of a good deep clean.

Orange Chronic is the top bong cleaner used by bong smokers everywhere. It effectively removes tar, resin build-up, and smoke residue, leaving your bong looking fresh and sparkly.


Cleaning your bong with Orange Chronic is a cinch. Put on some kitchen gloves so you don't get the solution all over your hands, then give the bottle a good shake to activate the formula. Dump in your desired amount, shove a plug or cap in the openings and give your bong a good swirl for at least a minute. After that, get rid of the cleaner and rinse your bong with some warm water. If there's any residue, get a soft brush and scrub it off to make sure your bong is sparkly clean.


When rocking Orange Chronic bong cleaner, it's important to stay on top of the clean with these tips:

  • You wanna make sure you're using the right amount of cleaner, otherwise you could end up messing up your bong if there's too much or not enough to get rid of the gunk.
  • Use hot water, because that'll make it a lot easier to get rid of the build-up.
  • Last but not least, make sure to rinse it out really good so you don't end up with any cleaner residue.


When it comes to cleaning your bong with Orange Chronic, there's a few tips to keep in mind:

  • First off, use the cleaner regularly, so you don't have to deal with gunk build-up.
  • Second, use a soft-bristled scrub brush to keep your bong looking fresh and avoid scratches.
  • Finally, wear gloves to keep your hands safe from chemicals like isopropyl alcohol and to avoid skin irritation.


We love using Orange Chronic to keep our bongs and smoking gear shiny and looking new. But, there are some alternative products out there we recommend including Formula 420. Formula 420 is the ultimate cleaner for your glass bongs, pipes and bubblers! It's a fast-acting, non-toxic solution that won't damage your pieces. All you gotta do is add some of it to your bong, shake it up and rinse it off. Then you can take a smooth, clean hit every time. Get your hands on Formula 420 now and get your bong looking spotless!


Orange Chronic is widely available at Australian bong shops such as Glass Bongs Australia. Glass Bongs Australia is considered the country's best online smoke shop due to the high-quality products, plain and discreet packaging and free shipping on all orders over $150.


In summary, Orange Chronic is a powerful bong cleaner that'll keep your bong looking fresh and sparkly. This stuff is made to blast away stubborn tar and resin buildup, as well as smoke residue from your bubbler. Plus, it's non-toxic and biodegradable - meaning it's safe to use on most types of bongs.

Orange Chronic bong cleaner is also much more wallet-friendly than other bong cleaners, so it's perfect for anyone on a budget. But remember, you have to use the right amount, hot water and rinse the bong after cleaning. Additionally, it's best to use this cleaner regularly to avoid excess buildup. If you're looking for a reliable bong cleaner, Orange Chronic is your go-to. Buy it cheap at Glass Bongs Australia, the number one online bong shop in Australia.

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