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  • Discover the importance of bong water and when to change it for a better smoking experience.
  • Bong water improves smoke quality and filters out impurities, ensuring a smoother and cleaner experience for your lungs.
  • To ensure optimal smoke filtration and prevent any water splashing into your mouth, keep the bong water level below the downstem.
  • Regularly cleaning your bong ensures a top-notch smoking experience. Simple and hassle-free, it's the key to cleaner hits.

Whether it be medicinal use or recreational, bongs are the best when it comes to smoking cannabis. If you've ever hit a bong, you know there's water in the chamber. That's the bong water and it's pretty much the most important part of the whole bong smoking process. It helps filter the smoke and make it less harsh on your throat. In this article, we take a deeper look into bong water, when to replace it and how essential it is to the entire bong smoking experience.


Bong water in a Bud Matrix Percolator Bong

Bong water is just what you use to fill up your bong chamber and it's totally necessary. It helps make the smoke smoother and cooler before it hits your lungs. Plus, it filters out any ash and particles, making sure nothing gross gets into your smoke.

Tap water, filtered or distilled - it doesn't matter what type you use, just make sure it's clean, because dirty water can bring in bacteria, mould and nasty stuff like that. Not only is bong water essential for achieving the benefits of your medicinal marijuana, but it's also a major part of keeping your bong clean. If you don't change the water often, it'll get cloudy, smelly and can be bad for your health - so don't forget to keep it fresh!


Water in a Bud Beaker Bong

The water in your bong is just water but it can have all kinds of crap in it. If you're hitting on tobacco, you can get discoloration and nicotine in the bong water. Smoking up some cannabis? Then you're going to get cloudy stuff in the water, plus tar and other elements from the combustion. Oh, and let's not forget the bacteria and mould that can get in there if you don't switch up the water. If you don't watch out, all this junk can get into your smoke, and trust us, it won't be a good time.


Three clean Bud bongs

How much water you want to chuck into your bong is all reliant on the size and shape of your bong. If you fill it too full, your smoke won't get filtered properly and there's a high chance (excuse the pun) you'll get a face full of water when you take a hit. On the other hand, if you go too light on the H20, the smoke's going to be way too harsh as there won't be enough liquid to filter it. A good rule of thumb is to keep the water level below the downstem. This will help make sure the smoke is filtered just right and you'll avoid any water splashing up the tube and into your mouth.


Water in a Bud Gripper Bong

It's crucial you stay on top of your bong water situation. To avoid any of that nasty bacteria and other gross stuff, it's best to switch it up every few days or, for the cleanest bong experience, after every sesh. If you're not hitting your bong all that often, you might be alright if you change it once or twice a week. But, just check the colour and smell of the water before you smoke as it's not a big deal to dump it out and start fresh if it's looking or smelling suspicious. Also, it's highly recommended to deep clean your bong every couple of weeks. That'll help get rid of any old smoke residue and resin buildup, which can mess with the taste and performance of your bong hit. The better you take care of your bong, the easier it'll be to give it a good clean.


Bong water bubbling in a Bud Matrix Percolator Bong

Nope, don't even think about it! Don't drink bong water, not even if someone dares you. It's got harmful bacteria, mould, toxins and other yucky stuff in it that'll make you sick. Some folks think it'll get you high, but it won't. Bong water doesn't have any drugs in it, just nasty and potentially dangerous water. So don't do it.


Two bottles of Piece Water Solution

Tired of that same old-tasting tap water in your bong? Check out Piece Water Solution - All Natural Bong Water and Cleaner Alternative, it's a cleaner and bong water alternative made special for bongs! It comes packed with natural ingredients, like mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts, that help break down the gunk inside your bong, rig or bubbler. Plus, you won't get a nasty chemical taste or finish, so it's a fresh and fun way to spice up your next smoke sesh. And customers say they can get up to 40 uses out of the same bong water before they need to clean it - so you get to spend more time puffin' and less time scrubbin'!


Woman pouring Piece Water Solution into a bong

If you want your bong sesh to be top-notch, use clean water. Not only will it be much smoother and gentler on your throat, but it'll also keep your bong sparkling clean and free of any yucky bacteria, mold or other contaminants. Plus, it'll help lower the temp of the smoke, making it more comfortable to take in, even if you're a bong newbie or if you're puffing something with a high THC content - it'll make the smoke much less intense. Clean bong water also ensures that you don't end up inhaling any harsh or nasty stuff that could have a negative impact on your health.


Woman pours Piece Water Solution into a beaker bong

Keeping your bong free of dirty bong water is a relatively simple and painless process. The more consistent you are with cleaning your bong, the better your smoke sessions will be. When you’re ready to replace your bong water and clean your bong, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Put on some kitchen cleaning gloves and pour your dirty bong water down the sink.
  2. Give your bong a quick rinse with warm water to remove any light residue and resin build up.
  3. Pour your desired amount of formulated liquid bong cleaner, such as Formula 420 or Orange Chronic, into your rig. Cover all openings with a cleaning cap or plug and give it a good shake and swirl for at least one minute.
  4. Use a soft cleaning brush or pipe cleaner to reach those nooks and crannies that have heavier caked on resin while being careful not to scratch your bong material.
  5. Place your bong parts such as cone piecesdownstemsbangers or nails and ash catchers into a zip-lock bag, pour some of the same liquid into the bag and give it a good but careful shake. Again, brush off any stubborn residue with a soft brush.
  6. Once you’re happy with the results, empty your liquid bong cleaner from the bong and zip lock bag down the sink. Give your bong and bong parts a rinse under warm water and let them dry.
  7. Once they’re dry, fill your bong up with tap water or Piece Water Solution, place your bong parts back in place and get ready for the cleanest, smoothest and most satisfying bong smoke of your life.


Put simply, it's essential to keep your bong water fresh. Not only does it make the smoke smoother and easier on your throat and lungs, but it also keeps nasty stuff out of your smoke, like bacteria, mould and other junk. If you don't change out your bong water, you won't get the full flavour of your bud and it's bad for your health. So, if you wanna enjoy your smoke sesh for longer, follow these tips and keep your bong water fresh!

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