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RAW Classic

RAW Classic

RAW Classic is the best original naturally unrefined rolling paper and that’s why we’re stocked to the brim with all your favourites sizes, styles and combinations at Glass Bongs Australia.

RAW Classic is made from plants and contains none of the additives found in some other rolling papers. They’re pure, less processed and are made from a hybrid blend of unbleached fibres resulting in a translucent light brown colour that you can even see through. Finished off with the patented CrissCross watermark, our range of RAW Classic rolling papers and accessories will have you enjoying famous smooth and even-burning smokes time and time again. 

No matter what you’re after, we have all your favourite RAW Classic products available. Our selection of pre-rolled cones are perfect for people who have trouble rolling or are looking to treat themselves. With a huge variety of sizes, including the infamous Challenger, which sits at 60cm long, you’ll always find the right pre-rolled RAW Classic cone for you. We also have pre-rolled and original filter tips made from all natural materials that strengthen your ends, help keep herbs out of your mouth and your paper dry at all times.

Not only do we have all your RAW Classic pre-rolled items but we have everything to make your next rolling experience an absolute breeze. Enjoy the freedom to create any size smoke, whether it be nice and big to share with friends or short and sweet just yourself, with RAW Classic paper rolls that come in a variety of lengths including 3m and 5m. Or, if you’re after perfect rolling packages, we have all the RAW Classic Masterpiece, Artesano and Connoisseur paper, filter and tray combos for you to try.

If you’re looking to save money and time, many of our RAW Classic products come in bulk, so you can eliminate the risk of running out of papers or tips when you need it most. 

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