RAW Black

RAW Black

Designed for a new generation of incredibly high quality smoking materials, RAW Black are pressed extra-fine and are one of the thinnest unbleached rolling papers ever made. At Glass Bongs Australia we know how integral a good rolling paper is for a consistent and high-quality smoke and RAW Black does just that.

By investing in these superbly crafted papers you will never tarnish your product and can simply sit back and enjoy the true taste and value of your herbs. The thinness of these vegan and additive-free papers require the deft hands of a true rolling connoisseur, so it’s a great opportunity to see if you have the skills to roll along with the elite.

Produced in the Alcoy region of Spain where the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low, this unique artisan paper is made from natural plant fibres with the purest natural tree sap gum so you can truly taste your herbs.

Experience the amazing difference compared with regular rolling papers with our solid range of RAW Black sizes and types including 1 ¼, King Size, King Size Slim and the paper and filter tip combos. RAW Black is one of our personal favourites here at Glass Bongs Australia and we know this top shelf commodity will soon be yours too!

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