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What is a Bucket Bong?

A bucket bong, utilises air pressure and gravity to assist you with the inhalation process.

Is a Bucket Bong the same as a Gravity Bong?

Often referred to as a GB, bucket bong, grav, ghetto bong, a gravity bong is the same. The phrase 'gravity bong' is an umbrella term that encompasses both the bucket bong and waterfall bong. What makes these two types similar is their method of operation where they use a combination of water and air pressure to produce smoke.

How do I use a Bucket Bong?

To use a Bucket Bong, you take a small bottle, put some herbs on top and submerge it in a larger bottle or bucket of water. Then by lifting the small bottle out of the water, the pressure difference between the two vessels creates a vacuum which sucks the smoke down into the larger bottle. Once the bottom is filled, unscrew the lid, place your mouth over the opening, and push the bottle down. This allows gravity to shoot smoke straight to your mouth. This simple, yet effective design of smoking packs a huge punch!

How does a Bucket Bong work?

Many individuals often wonder about the functioning of this unique device. The Gravity bong's bowl is placed higher than a closed water body. The act of lifting the bowl generates a vacuum, causing air to rush into the compartment and ignite the cannabis in the bowl, filling the compartment with smoke. When you subsequently push down the bowl, the smoke is expelled rapidly for you to inhale.

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