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Titanium Nail

Titanium Nail

Whether you’re setting up your first dabbing rig or looking to replace an old and unwanted piece, you will find the right titanium nail at Glass Bongs Australia. Our comprehensive selection of titanium nails from leading brands such as Chongz, RAD and more makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for and ensures your dabbing lifestyle is consistent, hassle-free and easy.

Titanium nails are one of the most popular dab nails on the market. Unlike glass and ceramic, our titanium nails aren’t prone to cracking and shattering when heated incorrectly. They’re extremely durable, have solid heat retention for your oils and herbal concentrates and provide you with a clean and tasty smoking experience. With many different styles coming and going, titanium nails have stood the test of time and our selection of trustworthy and premium-grade pieces aims to continue that trend.

Our variety of sizes, colours and styles including domeless and quartz dish pieces are must-have accessories for any oil and wax concentrate enthusiast. We also make it extremely easy to find the right female or male joint sizes to fit your rig perfectly. Don’t settle for anything less and try your hand at our fantastic selection of tough and versatile titanium nails today.

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