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Chongz Bongs is one of the leading powerhouses when it comes to producing beloved high-quality bongs and we’re thrilled to stock their range here at Glass Bongs Australia. You’ve been asking for it and that’s why we’re extremely stoked to be able to deliver one of our most popular collections of bongs to you. Chongz Bongs are one of the world leaders in durable, resilient and consistently reliable bongs as they’re committed to using only the best high-grade materials and brilliant designs. No matter your smoking prowess, Chongz’ forward-thinking, robust and affordable products will suit everyone’s individual style, taste and personality.

Our monumental selection of Chongz bongs will have you browsing our online store for hours, as you won’t be able to settle for just one item. Chongz offer a wide selection of various sizes and styles making it simple to find the right bong for your lifestyle. We have beaker base, flat base, round base and straight tube bongs plus more complex varieties including percolator filtered, recycler, dual system, honeycomb filtered and even novelty bongs to spice up your collection and impress your friends.

Not only do Chongz offer some of the most affordable and greatest glass bongs on the market, but they boast an exemplary selection of acrylic bongs for those looking for a lightweight, economical yet durable bong. You can also choose from our solid selection of sizes ranging from our large bongs sized at 60cm all the way to our mini-bongs under 20cm. We understand we’re not all able to afford the latest ground-breaking advancements in bong technology and that’s why we’re stoked to offer a solid budget-friendly range so everyone can enjoy the superior and undeniable class of Chongz Bongs. Don't settle for second best and give Chongz a try today! 

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