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Bongs $50 - $100

Bongs $50 - $100

Not all of us can be diving and swimming in bundles of cash like Scrooge McDuck and that’s why at Glass Bongs Australia we offer a superb selection of bongs priced between $50 and $100. The ability to find high-quality bongs that don’t bust the bank has become increasingly easier in recent times and we’re proud to be one of the industry-leaders of that trend in this country. We all dream and yearn for a statement-piece bong that is beautifully hand-crafted with stunningly attractive artisan shapes, features and colours while boasting all the bells and whistles. However, for many of us, the dream of splashing hundreds of dollars on a piece of glassware may remain just that, a dream and we have to settle for a bong that sits perfectly in our price range.

It’s worth noting that cheaper bongs don’t necessarily mean lower quality. Rather, they just don’t have some of the more intricate features and functions found on some of the more expensive bongs we sell. Our brilliant range of bongs priced between $50 and $100 are all made from industry-grade materials making them some of the most durable, reliable and versatile bongs on the market. We stock a huge variety of reputable brands such as Chongz, Jaxx USA and our very own Glass Bongs Australia range including Bing Bongs. No matter what you’re after, we’re confident we have the right bong at the right price point for you. We stock all types including percolated filtered bongs, dab and oil rigs, novelty bongs, honeycomb filtered bongs, dual system bongs and rigs, diffusor filtered bongs and so much more to suit all your tastes, preferences and needs that won’t leave you feeling short changed.

Your budget might be limited but that doesn’t mean your choices will be with Glass Bongs Australia’s sensational selection of bongs priced between $50 and $100.

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