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  • Experience the ultimate discretion without compromising on power with our small bongs. Perfectly sized for on-the-go use, these petite water pipes are your secret weapon for anywhere, anytime enjoyment.
  • Whether you're at home, embarking on an adventurous journey, or hitting the road with friends, these compact water pipe designs fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Small bongs pack a punch, delivering incredibly flavourful and substantial hits that will elevate your water pipe smoking experience to new heights.
  • We explore eight small bongs and why you should join this new wave of cannabis enjoyment - discreet, portable, and powerfully satisfying.

The popularity of enjoying cannabis through a small bong is on the rise. The inconspicuous size of these cute water pipes offers the utmost discretion, whether you're indulging at home or out in public.

Their compactness makes them perfect companions for those always on the move, adventurous travels, or lively road trips with friends. Don't let their size fool you; these pint-sized cute mini bongs deliver an incredibly powerful experience, capable of offering some of the most flavourful and substantial hits one can fathom.

Offering a diverse range of unique water pipe styles, shapes and features from leading brands like GRAV, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a cute bong that complements your smoking lifestyle.

We unveil eight of our top picks for small bongs that are guaranteed to enhance your next smoking session with potent, unobtrusive, and full-flavoured experiences every time.

What Is A Small Bong?

Woman holding GRAV Slush Cup Bong

A small bong is a compact, tidy and attractive water pipe that is primarily employed for inhaling cannabis or tobacco. It meticulously sieves the smoke via water prior to your inhalation, providing a more refined experience compared to traditional techniques.

When we say small bong, we're referring to something 20cm or less in size. It's an effortlessly portable dimension that simplifies transportation, yet it doesn't compromise on delivering the potent filtration impact synonymous with its larger counterparts.

What Are The Benefits Of Small Bongs?

Man holding GRAV Small Wide Base Percolator Bong

Small bongs provide a variety of distinct advantages when contrasted with their more substantial equivalents.


With their diminutive dimensions (20cm or less), small bongs are essentially more manageable to transport. This makes them an ideal choice for those who relish the convenience of smoking while on the move.

Keeps Your Smoking Discreet

The utilisation of a small bong enhances privacy in cannabis use. Due to its compact size, it is more convenient to store and conceal, allowing users to maintain their discretion.

Offer Moderate Sized Hits

Small bongs, often referred to as miniature bongs, are known for providing moderate hits. This can be a more appealing choice for those who favor a less potent smoking experience.

Require Simplified Maintenance

Given their compact form factor, small bongs typically offer a more straightforward and speedy cleaning process compared to their larger counterparts.


Usually, opting for a small bong proves to be less costly compared to its larger counterparts. This makes it an appealing and more economical choice for many users.

Despite the numerous advantages, it's crucial to understand that the experience can greatly vary based on the quality of materials and expert craftsmanship involved in a small bong.

Small Bongs vs. Large Bongs - What's Better?

Woman smoking GRAV Milk Carton Bong

When it comes to user-friendliness, both small bongs and large bongs present no significant challenges. However, their simplicity in use is generally a matter of personal preference and expertise.

The small bong, owing to its condensed dimension, might be more manageable, particularly for novices. Its straightforward operation and maintenance, coupled with the smaller water chambers that facilitate faster and more efficient filling and draining processes, make it an easy-to-handle option.

Nonetheless, the usage of a small bong might be seen as less accommodating in terms of drawing hits. Given that the smoke has a shorter path to navigate, it may not be as chilled or fluid as the puffs taken from bigger bongs. This might result in more severe inhalations, an experience some users could find unpleasant.

Conversely, the use of a small bong pales in comparison to their larger counterparts because bigger bongs deliver more refined hits due to their extended air space and increased water volume. This added capacity for percolation further tempers and purifies the smoke, making each inhale smoother.

However, the downside can be their weight and formidable handling, particularly for novices in the realm of bong usage. Furthermore, these bigger bongs necessitate more frequent care and upkeep due to their expansive size and heightened intricacy.

Unearth the commanding influence of the GRAV Mini Beaker Bong, a small yet mighty mini beaker that doesn't falter on effect. Despite its compact 15cm height, this cute mini beaker bong is designed from durable 25mm glass tubing and robust borosilicate glass, promising an enduring addition to your repertoire.

The mini beaker bong's transparent visage invites you to observe the enchantment as it materialises within its confines. The broad beaker base provides a reliable footing, ensuring a safe position on any level surface. Perfect for hand-held use, this mini beaker bong turns every occasion into an enticing and pleasurable episode.

Do not be misled by its stature; the compact yet powerful GRAV Mini Beaker Bong is set to revolutionise your understanding of potency. Discover for yourself how this diminutive glass mini beaker can create an immense impact. This mini beaker bong's might in function remains unchallenged, proving that greatness comes in all sizes. It may be a small mini beaker bong, but it sure makes a big splash.

Prepare to relax and immerse yourself in the positive energy with the emerging celebrity of the bong culture, the GRAV Slush Cup! This small water pipe masterpiece rejuvenates memories of those icy treats relished during sweltering summer afternoons, all encapsulated in an exclusive, playful design that guarantees tantalising bong hits potent enough to blow you away.

This compact glass waterpipe stands at a charming 14cm tall, from its sturdy base to the pinnacle of the cone piece, making it a perfect handheld size for a comforting and familiar feel with every use. This mini water pipe marvel is expertly constructed from superior borosilicate glass, displaying a surprising durability that contradicts its delicate appearance. Further enhanced by a stylish etched GRAV decal, this bong becomes more than just an enjoyable tool to use but also an aesthetic delight to behold.

Believe you require a colossal setup for a gigantic hit? Reconsider, as the GRAV Small Beaker Base Bong is prepared to overturn that thought. Despite its seemingly diminutive 20cm stature, this little titan of a bong is shaped from sturdy borosilicate glass that offers clarity and durability in equal measure.

The broad beaker base isn't merely for aesthetic appeal - it ensures steady, wobble-free use on any flat surface. This mini beaker bong boasts a sleek, geometrically pressed pinch in its neck, designed specifically for ice cubes to cool your smoke. Its dual function also effectively prevents splash-back. The inclusion of an integrated fission stem ensures every puff delivers smooth, filtered smoke. This leads to a truly seamless smoking encounter with this mini beaker bong that's nothing short of impressive.

So when you're scouting your next mini beaker bong purchase, remember not to underestimate the smaller players. They're poised to deliver a formidable punch!

Don't be fooled by its petite size, the GRAV Hourglass Pocket Bubbler Bong is mighty in performance. This little glass waterpipe powerhouse has the ability to create a ripple in time and space with its potent hits. Standing at a mere 12cm, this cute bong rapidly fills up with smoke, primed to unleash thrilling peaks from your preferred legal herbs. The bong's ingenious design, featuring a slimmed-down midsection, simplifies communal sessions. With this bong in your possession, every session becomes an adventure.

The GRAV Hourglass Pocket Bubbler Bong exhibits stability with its beaker-like foundation. It features an elongated mouthpiece ensuring a splash-free experience and a pristine aftertaste. This bong arrives ready for immediate use, complete with an integrated fission stem and a 10mm GRAV Cup Cone Piece.

Indulge in a wave of nostalgia with the GRAV Milk Carton Bong, another cute bong that transports you back to those effortless cafeteria moments. It's an ice breaker - sure to spark intrigue among your friends. Despite its compact size, this bong is robustly constructed from enduring borosilicate glass. Its 10cm stature makes it the perfect ally for everyday use or for travel. Moreover, it's ideal for sharing with friends.

Its distinct fixed fission downstem ensures superior smoke filtration for a top-tier smoking session. Moreover, its broad shape provides ample space for brawny and thrilling hits, effectively preventing any unpleasant splashback. This bong comes equipped with a 14mm female-front ground joint and even includes a male GRAV 14mm Cup Bowl. In simple terms? This bong is primed and ready to take on action right from the start. Rest assured, the GRAV Milk Carton Bong will make you always want to say 'Yes' to milk.

Immerse yourself in mega sensations with GRAV's Small Round Base Bong - an absolute delight for science aficionados! This small water pipe, ingeniously designed to mirror a potion bottle, assures voluminous smoke delivery. Consequently, you're guaranteed smoother and more memorable rips every time. Despite its compact size of 20cm, this bong is constructed from robust, transparent borosilicate glass. Durable and dependable, it's a worthwhile investment that'll remain your faithful companion for many years to come.

Take a look at the incorporated fission stem in this exceptional bong - it professionally disperses smoke through water, ensuring a smoother, chiller hit. Looking for an even frostier draw? The geometric press designed in the neck traps ice, serving as your splash guard. For optimal results, we recommend using ice cubes. Its flat base guarantees stability on any surface, while the GRAV decal adorning the downtube provides an immediate boost to your style quotient. The finishing touch is a sleek mouthpiece, making usage a sheer pleasure.

The GRAV Globe Bubbler Bong is the key to a dimension of brilliance and clearheadedness, conveniently fitting right in your pocket. This masterfully crafted glass bong propels you beyond the mundane. Its unique design boasts a cone-shaped perc with ten holes, expertly engineered to guide smoke through water for the most relaxed bong experience.

Immerse yourself in the exhilaration as the vape mist churns like a winter wonderland within a sphere, all swept clean with a single powerful inhale. Each draw from the bong is packed with flavour and seamless, whether you favour traditional buds or a 14mm banger for dabbing. Eager to embark on this global adventure? Rest assured, there's no baggage inspection required here.

The GRAV Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler is a delightful upgrade to your daily customs. Crafted from robust borosilicate glass, this petite bong permits you to savour your preferred dry herbs in moderation, courtesy of its 10mm glass bowl. Its quirky form mimics that of a mini coffee cup, infusing an element of fun into your smoke timeouts. Moreover, its distinctive design makes it effortless to maneuver. Simply loop it around a finger and you're all set!

This compact bong, colloquially known as a pocket bubbler, is not only visually stunning but also engineered to offer silky, gratifying inhalations. With its robust percolator downstem, the smoke is uniformly dispersed and chilled, ensuring an exceptional experience with every use. Not just a visual delight, this bong guarantees a premium experience due to its efficient cooling and distribution mechanism.

Conclusion: Buy A Small Bong At Glass Bongs Australia

Wrapping up, the small bong's benefits are manifold and should not be underestimated by any marijuana aficionado.

Their compact size, stealthiness, and simplicity in operation positions them as a top pick for both beginners and veteran cannabis users. Offering modest draws, these small bong devices provide a harmonious toking experience cherished by those who prefer nuance over intensity. The trouble-free maintenance and affordability further amplify their allure.

Hence, putting your money into a small bong from a reputable supplier such as Glass Bongs Australia can greatly enhance your cannabis indulgence. The acquisition not only equips you with an easy-to-use apparatus but also guarantees a top-notch smoking encounter that is light on your budget. With a small bong, the change in your cannabis experience will be noticeable.

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