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  • Black Friday Sale is live and here are 5 best-selling glass bongs you need in your smoking life.
  • These five glass bongs are 20% off until Thursday 30 November 2023 (11:59pm AEDT).

The fervor of the Black Friday Sale has finally arrived. If you've been postponing the replacement of your antiquated, grimy, and ineffective bong, now is the opportune time to take action. Get your hands on a gleaming, stunning, and superior-performing bong at an affordable price during our substantial Black Friday Sale. Make no mistake; this is the best chance to elevate your bong experience like never before.

Glass Bongs Australia, the premier bong-focused online store in the nation, has clearly been enjoying their own products a bit too much and have concluded to rip 20% off their entire inventory. Absolutely. Everything. We're highlighting all your beloved bong brands such as Bud, Higher Concepts, ROOR, GRAV among others. Indeed, for every single bong enthusiast out there, this is quite the treat from your favourite destination for all things bong-related.

Whether you're on the hunt for a new beaker bong, a sleek percolator bong that delivers smooth hits, or an awe-inspiring iridescent piece to wow your friends, our top-tier variety of discounted bongs will have you indulging in your favorite pastime more than you ever thought possible. This article uncovers five of the most popular bongs that are practically flying off the shelves this Black Friday Sale - hot items that you should snag before the sale ends at the end of the month.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the most impressive bong in the neighborhood - the Higher Concepts Diamond Bong - a staggering 33cm of pure brilliance. This masterpiece isn't just a bong, it's an artistic marvel handcrafted by expert craftsmen who've exclusively used 7mm premium borosilicate glass. With this beauty, your cannabis experience will transition from satisfactory to astronomically brilliant.

The brilliant mind behind this powerful bong is the striking diamond-shaped beaker base. It's a sight to behold, radiating sophisticated allure in an unparalleled way. But don't just get swayed by its aesthetic appeal! This unique bong design elevates the volume of water, preparing you for some truly robust hits. Get ready for massive smoke clouds and allow your preferred strains to truly flaunt their power. This is how connoisseurs enjoy - with a blend of style and impactful intensity.

Elevate your smoking ritual with the latest sensation in the stoner realm - the Bud Light Activated Beaker Bong, boasting a mesmerising teal tone. This bong isn't your standard affair; expose it to sunlight and witness a transformation into an entrancing teal marvel that's impossible to ignore. Crafted from robust 4mm borosilicate glass sporting a slick frosted finish that offers a heavenly feel at your fingertips, this 28cm tall masterpiece aims to be your reliable bong companion for the foreseeable future. So, unwind, ignite and let this enchanting bong transport you to euphoric heights!

Hey, all the relaxed cannabis connoisseurs out there, pause your activity and take a look at the Bud Beaker Bong in its dynamic teal shade! This piece is favoured by many in the smoking community, particularly from the extensive Bud collection. The reason for its popularity is clear. With an impressive height of 25cm, this bong is constructed from robust 4mm borosilicate glass that's guaranteed to endure. The appealing teal finish gives it an edge that's cooler than a cucumber submerged in spicy sauce and it promises to resist fading or chipping regardless of how many smoking sessions it endures. To top it off, it features a striking white Bud logo on its neck, making it the ideal accessory to flaunt your fiery style.

Turn your attention to this impressively unique Bud Twisted Inline Percolator Bong. This bong features a linear tube design, intricately filled with mesmerising twists and spirals that will leave you in awe - and prepare for the stunned admiration from your buddies. Standing tall, this remarkable bong is about 30cm of pure grandeur, elegantly poised on an incredibly robust round and flat base that radiates a captivating teal aura.

But here's the deal, it's constructed from remarkably robust 5mm borosilicate glass. Indeed, you're not mistaken - this bong is designed for durability. The craftsmen behind it didn't take shortcuts; they engaged their artistic talents, hand-sculpting the glass to deliver a profound, potent flavour that's beyond comparison. Believe me, every divine nuance of your cherished ganja strains will hit your senses. So seize your lighter, load up your greens, and brace yourself for an unparalleled experience with this stunning bong.

Introduce yourself to the miniature titan of the bong universe - the GRAV Mini Beaker Bong, folks. This compact warrior, reaching a mere 15cm in height and constructed from 25mm glass tubes, is akin to David in a world of Goliaths. This potent little device is set to be the most exhilarating, edgy item in your green toolkit. Don't be deceived by its size though, it's made from durable borosilicate glass ensuring longevity as your faithful smoking companion for many years ahead. Plus, it sports a distinctively broad beaker base ensuring unwavering stability on any flat surface and feels heavenly when held. Although it's small in size, its capabilities are gargantuan, my friends.

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