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If you're into elevating your smoke sesh without any hiccups, then dialing up your gear with some primo bong parts is the way to go. We're talking about little treasures like cone pieces, downstems, ash catchers and dabbing bangers and nails. These babies are the secret sauce to supercharging your bong or dab rig game. Think of them as more than just backup pieces - they're your ticket to a totally flipped-out bong experience, one that's filtered to perfection and ram-packed with flavour.

Gear up up this Black Friday Sale at Glass Bongs Australia with our rad deals on all bong components. Time to hoard up on the basics - glass cone pieces, downstems, and get your rig tricked out with the latest diffusor ash catchers from the top dogs like Bud, GRAV, Higher Concepts and others. Here's the ten must-have bong pieces you gotta snag this Black Friday Sale to elevate your smoke sessions and save some serious dough.

The Higher Concepts Glass Cone Piece ain't your ordinary cone piece. This bad boy is wide, curved and bursting with colour, with oodles of space for your favourite green goodness. Whether you're a solo rider or prefer to puff-puff-pass, this cone piece got you covered.
This stellar piece is only found in our upper crust Higher Concepts collection. So why blend in when you can stand out, right? The hourglass figure of this piece isn't just easy on the eyes, it's a killer to grip and a breeze to handle and pull out. It's not just a cone piece - it's a work of art, it's an experience, it's a lifestyle.

Amp up your sesh with the dope smoothness of the Showerhead Ash Catcher 14mm. This isn't just a bong accessory, it's a game-changer that every true toker needs to have, especially if you’re tired of ash and other little nasties crashing your bong party. It's your ultimate gatekeeper that keeps the undesirables out.

This accessory comes with a showerhead percolator to supercharge your smoke experience. It takes your ordinary puff and transforms it into a silky-smooth pull. This thing will have you experiencing smoky bliss every single time. So, for those who crave the crème de la crème of smokes, the Showerhead Ash Catcher 14mm is your ride or die. Light up, inhale the good vibes, and just let the Showerhead Ash Catcher do its thing.

Dig into a chiller, silkier, and totally zen smoking experience with our epic Bulb Ash Catcher 14mm. This gnarly piece is your bong's new best friend - it snares all those nasty ashes, sneaky particles, and sticky resin from ever fouling your precious bong. Plus, it's like having your very own cleaning crew on standby, keeping your piece looking fresh and gleaming way longer.

As if that's not enough, it adds a cool layer of filtration for an ultra-smooth hit. Boasting a height of 6cm and crafted from insanely resilient 5mm thick borosilicate glass, it is built to last, promising you endless clean puffs with your favourite bong. This catcher rolls up with a 14mm male joint, slanted at a 45-degree angle, and it's got the nifty knack of fitting into any 14mm female joint. So mellow out, elevate your smoking game, and savour the good vibes with our Bulb Ash Catcher 14mm.

The Bud Metal Cone Piece is made of sturdy aluminum and is practically unbreakable - it's a game-changer for your next bong sesh. No more tears over shattered glass cone pieces. This bowl is designed to handle the heat and keep on burning. The built-in steel bowl has ample space for you to pack in your best bud for mammoth hits. The bowl is also removable which means you can clean and empty it without any hassle.

The hardwood handle isn't just a looker, it's a lifesaver for your fingers - no chance of burning them on a hot cone piece with this beauty. And the sophistication it brings? Next level. The addition of a slick, Bud logo just seals the cool deal. Fitting any bong or dab rig with a 14mm female joint, this 14mm male metal cone piece is your new best friend.

Check out the psychedelic vibes of the Higher Concepts Glass Diffusor Downstem 14mm. Its rainbow colours aren't just cool to look at, they signify sturdiness and versatility, promising buttery smooth and pure hits from your bong every time. Made from tough, heat-resistant glass, this downstem is your ticket to high-quality, consistent tokes. Its no-nonsense design fits easily into any bong or dab rig, adding a touch of savvy style. It's the perfect little spark to elevate your bong game.

Featuring the rad Higher Concepts logo, this glass downstem shines with a dope rainbow hue under different lighting. The smart slits at the bottom? They bring on a sick bubbling sensation, making every hit smoother with top-notch filtration. Don't sweat, the 14mm female joint matches any 14mm male one. You can only score this gem at Glass Bongs Australia. Spark up your sesh with this beauty!

The GRAV 14mm Funnel Cone Piece is your glass bong's best buddy. It's made of the toughest borosilicate glass – so it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The rad martini glass-style funnel lets you pack in heaps of your top-choice legal herbs, perfect for one or two serious rips.

This piece rocks a maria on the stem. It's a solid grip – no more slips while loading or cleaning. Speaking of which, filling, emptying, and cleaning are breezy-easy! And check out the etched GRAV decal near the top – a little bit of class to kick up your stoner style. It's designed to fit any 14mm female joint. This piece is a must-have for every bong smoker’s collection.

Level up your smoke sesh with the sick Higher Concepts 45° Slim Ash Catcher 14mm. Made from primo borosilicate glass, this neat little tool is all about delivering those buttery smooth bong hits. And with its next-level diffusor downstem? You're in for some top-notch filtration and some seriously chill tokes. Just pour some water in it, snap it onto your Higher Concepts bong, and light it up. Watch the magic as it churns out some pretty rad bubbles, cleaning your smoke and getting rid of the junk.

This heavy-duty ash catcher is designed to keep your bong sparkly clean while also making it last longer. You got a bong with a 14mm female joint? Perfect! It comes equipped with a 14mm male glass funnel cone piece and a 14mm male joint that'll fit like a charm. Trust us, your bong's crying out for this rad add-on. Get ready to level up your smoke sessions with this sleek necessity. Once you've got it, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Scoop up the Glass Diffusor Downstem 14mm Bundle - it's got what you need when it's bong ‘o’clock. Dig this - it comes in three rad sizes - 11cm, 14cm, 17cm - so you can dial in the perfect fit for your pipe. Made from gnarly, heat-beating glass, these downstems are all about ripping smooth hits, every time.

Explore the cool bubble show from these finely-crafted downstems with strategically positioned slits making each puff smoother than ever. They're designed to snugly fit any 14mm male joint, thanks to their 14mm female configuration. Grab this budget-friendly bundle and save not just your cash, but also precious time! Chill out, elevate, and enjoy the experience.

Get ready to take your dabbing to a whole new level with GRAV's bangin' 14mm 45° Seamless Quartz Banger. This is solid banger is crafted from 100% quartz and rocks a thickness that's triple the norm. What does this mean for you? Say hello to insane heat retention! Its killer design traps and keeps the heat cranked for longer sessions.

Check out how the bucket and neck merge so slickly on this banger - not only does it look cool, it's also sturdy as heck. There's a 45-degree curve thrown in too, which makes dabbing an easy ride, especially if you've got a rig with a tilted downstem. Perfect for dabbers who rock rigs that need a banger at a bit of a funky angle.

The GRAV Yoyo Carb Cap isn't just any typical carb cap, it’s your best buddy for that seamless dabbing sesh. Got a classy rig or regular gadget? This cap's got you covered. Its super-cool directional airflow seriously boosts your concentrates game - taking your dab hits to the next level.

But the best part? It keeps the heat in check. You can twist and turn the carb cap to control the airflow, giving you more consistent hits, even on a chillier temp. The result? Super smooth, incredibly rich, and ultra-creamy rips. Now, that's what I call a perfect session, right?

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