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  • We list the top 10 bongs you need to add to your Black Friday Sale wishlist.
  • During the Black Friday Sale, these bongs will be smoking hot on the popularity scale and will be flying out the door ready to be smoked.
  • From Australian brands Bud and Higher Concepts to global bong heavyweight, GRAV and ROOR, we have the best collection of bongs during this year's Black Friday Sale.

If a particular bong has been on your radar, the ideal moment to bag it is during our gigantic Black Friday Sale at Glass Bongs Australia.

This article will serve as your roadmap to the top 10 bongs you need during our 2024 Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

Our bong repertoire promises the apex of cannabis smoking experiences, parading a broad spectrum of unique styles and designs from top-tier brands on both domestic and global fronts.

Whether it's home-grown brands like Bud and Higher Concepts or international powerhouses such as GRAV and ROOR, our bongs are destined to obliterate all your past perceptions of what a bong represents and how it can amplify your ensuing toke.

Tap into your royal vibes with the fresh drop, Her Highness III.

It's all about chill elegance and power. Made just for the classy and proud toker, this top-drawer bong and essential accessories will immediately lift your smoke game.

Dig the classic bong - it offers killer smooth hits for the best sesh. You gotta check the precision grinder too, it unleashes your herb's full power. Swaggy storage jar keeps your stash crisp while the sleek tray adds class to your chills.

Look beyond just the box. Her Highness is a vibe, a statement. Glass Bongs Australia is a big fan. They're ditching the clichés and endorsing empowerment for all who're into the green life.

So, be a part of the movement. Celebrate womanhood, class, and the liberty to carve your own herb path with the one and only Her Highness III. Get your blaze on!

Say hello to the spanking new GRAV Monarch Gravity Bong - a true symbol of elegance and top-notch craftsmanship.

This beauty is meticulously moulded from high-quality borosilicate glass, giving it a unique and eye-catching design that's both classy and unique. The enhanced scalloping on its sides, along with a curved restriction for better grip, contribute to its extraordinary look.

The mouthpiece, designed for ease and comfort, makes every puff a delightful experience. But don't be fooled by the hypnotic charm of the GRAV Monarch Gravity Bong - this bad boy hits as hard as the Gravitron.

With a spacious glass body and chic scalloped design, it not only pumps out thick clouds of smoke but also brings a dash of sophistication to your hard-hitting puffs.

Enjoy watching your smoke perform a light show as it twists and turns through the gleaming, multi-coloured Higher Concepts Spiral Bong.

This bad boy is crafted from tough, 5mm thick borosilicate glass, standing proud and tall at 45cm - making it the granddaddy of the Higher Concepts signature collection.

The groovy spiral glass cut pattern running down the tube doesn't only look rad, but it also feels awesome while you're ripping into your preferred strains.

And guys and gals, the bong's multi-coloured finish sparkles and shifts in direct sunlight, adding an extra kick of fun when you're puffing away with your pals.

Make your next hit glitter and glow with the multi-coloured Higher Concepts Spiral Bong 45cm, only available at Glass Bongs Australia.

Say adios to the times of crafting a bong from a plastic bottle and a piece of tubing. It's high time you upgraded to the Bud Bottle Bong - a more refined and posh way to light up.

This beast mimics the look of a genuine Gatorade sports drink bottle, standing proudly at 23cm, and is crafted from sturdy, 4mm borosilicate glass.

What's more, this premium material ensures a smoother, purer, and tastier smoke, bringing out all the delicious subtleties of your top cannabis strains.

Bid farewell to dodgy DIY bongs and greet the ultimate advancement in smoking elegance. This setup comes fitted with a black aluminum downstem and a brass cone piece that nestles perfectly into the chamber for a steady and dependable hit.

The cone piece is spacious enough to stuff in loads of your beloved herbs, and its heat-resistant features guarantee it'll serve you for a good, long stretch.

The ROOR Beaker Bong - Camo is the ultimate piece for your toke sessions. Standing tall at 45cm, this bong is engineered with scientific accuracy for a smooth draw, optimal diffusion, and plumes of satisfying smoke.

The camo decal adorning the neck paired with a unique signature on the chamber, gives it a striking look. The beaker base form and 5mm thick German Schott glass assure you of its sturdiness and top-notch quality.

Additionally, each unit comes with a precision-cut low-profile downstem and funnel cone piece adorned with an etched ROOR logo for that perfect hit on every occasion.

This gem has a distinct ROOR authentication seal with an alphanumeric ID, guaranteeing its authenticity 100%. So, you can elevate your smoking experience knowing you're using a genuine product.

Feeling a little cloudy? A sesh with the smoky GRAV Globe Bubble Bong 11cm - Smoke will clarify your senses. Tucked within its voluminous orb, an inverted trumpet perc drives the smog through ten outlets using a mere splash of H2O.

The striking smoke-tinted glass builds up, culminating in a progressively darkening grey-green shade that intensifies from the external globe to the internal perc and then to the tapered push-in.

The hits you draw are potent and bursting with flavour, serving up the full spectrum of your weed's profile. If you're into concentrates, just snap in a 14mm banger, it's that easy.

Don't let the small size of the GRAV Mini Hammer Bubbler - Amber fool ya. This ain't no plaything for kids, it's built on a solid 32mm can base - as dependable as your best bud when you're in need of a puff.

Grab hold of this bad boy and you'll find it fits in your hand smoother than a perfectly rolled joint. It's got an ideally portioned bowl too, just right for those solo smoke sessions, you know?

The double-hole fission downstem? That's like the lungs of this tiny titan. It pulls in smoke from both directions, making the draw easier than scoring some quality greens downtown.

So, my friend, this is not your average pipe. It's a tool of pleasure, a piece of art you'd be proud to own. It's the GRAV Mini Hammer Bubbler - petite but powerful. Chill, yet mighty.

Prepare to traverse the cosmos with the rad, teal-tinted Bud Double UFO Percolator Bong, standing at a lofty 35cm.

This bad boy takes the already groovy Bud UFO Percolator Bong and cranks up the volume, boasting not just one, but two dome-shaped percolators riddled with holes.

This 35cm beaker-style bong promises a filtration and diffusion experience that's out of this world. Simply load up each percolator with H2O and behold the sorcery unfold as they join forces to generate the most delectable, zest-packed smoke you've ever indulged in. It's so velvety, your lungs won't even recognise it's there.

The 24cm GRAV Deco Silicone Beaker in Black is the ideal blend of swank and utility. Its graceful arches and polished contours deliver an old-school art deco charisma.

The mouthpiece is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring a cozy grip, while the broader base lends it stability and accentuates its iconic beaker silhouette.

To shield itself, the Deco Beaker comes decked with tailor-made silicone protectors for both the base and mouthpiece. Unlike other silicone-shielded bongs that mess up the shape and disrupt your puffing journey, this high-end bong retains its quintessential beaker performance.

The incorporation of thick silicone offers additional padding to avoid any shattering incidents. Now, isn't that just dandy?

Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of sheer sophistication and refined grace with the jaw-dropping Higher Concepts Diamond Bong 33cm - Iridescent.

This spectacular work of art is painstakingly handcrafted using nothing but the top-notch 7mm borosilicate glass, guaranteeing an unbeatable standard of quality.

The iridescent finish of this bong bestows a dash of top-tier luxury as it gleams, twinkles, and morphs into a hypnotic spectrum of captivating hues when bathed in natural light.

The unique diamond-shaped beaker base that it possesses is a hit generator like no other, making this bong radiate a level of elegance that's truly in a league of its own. Trust me, it's like the Rolls-Royce of bongs!

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