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  • We list the top 5 weed grinder deals this Black Friday Sale.
  • Our collection of cheap weed grinders are available in a variety of styles, designs and colours to suit all smokers this Black Friday Sale.
  • International and Australian weed grinder brands such as Bud, SLX and Higher Concepts will all be on sale this Black Friday.

Are you tired of struggling to grind your medicinal cannabis buds into the perfect consistency? Look no further than Glass Bongs Australia's incredible range of weed grinders. This Black Friday Sale, treat yourself to a top-of-the-line herb grinder that will not only save you money but also time and effort. With their exceptional performance, advanced functionality, and unique features, these grinders are unlike anything else on the Australian market. We reveal five weed grinder deals you need to get your hands on this Black Firday Sale to turn your next session into a seamless smoking experience.

Are you tired of sticky residue ruining your grinding experience? Look no further than the SLX v2.5 Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder 62mm. This extraordinary grinder is equipped with an innovative non-stick ceramic coating, both inside and outside, ensuring a mess-free grinding session. Its four-piece design guarantees a flawless grind that will result in a consistently smooth burn. Say goodbye to frustrating, sticky grinders and hello to the SLX v2.5 Non-Stick Ceramic Grinder 62mm for the ultimate grinding experience.

The grinder comes with sleek handles that provide optimal comfort. And that's not all - the effortless opening of the grinder is made possible by a powerful Rare Earth magnet. It is equipped with 57 trapezoid-shaped teeth, each with four cutting edges. These teeth work efficiently to shred your materials into a lightweight grind. And don't worry about the mess - the grind effortlessly falls into the chamber below, leaving you with a clean workspace.

Take your smoking game to the next level with the badass and stylish Bud 4-Part Aluminium Grinder 60mm in Black. This bad boy will make your weed feel like fluffy clouds in no time. Farewell the hassle of grinding and welcome a smoother and more enjoyable smoke sesh. The razor-sharp teeth of this grinder slice through your buds like a hot knife through butter, while the spacious holes and fine mesh screen make gathering your precious stash a breeze.

The sick mesh screen on this grinder sifts your weed after an epic grind, keeping all those mind-blowing trichomes as kief for later. And get this, the diameter is a whopping 60mm, so there's plenty of space for grinding and storing your greenery. Plus, it's so easy to use with its easy-to-screw parts and magnetised lid. Oh, and the smooth, rounded edges feel lovely in your hands. Not to mention the textured grip, which makes handling a cinch.

Introducing the mind-blowing Higher Concepts 4-Part Stainless Steel Grinder - the ultimate companion for cannabis connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life. This bad boy is handcrafted with nothing but good vibes, using the highest grade stainless steel known to humankind. Get ready to be blown away by its unbeatable durability and its super slick coating that keeps sticky resin moments at bay, so you can enjoy a smooth and chill spinning session every single time.

Experience the smoothest grinding action ever - it's like velvet on a spin! No matter how many times you use it, it will always look fresh and clean. Plus, it's super easy to take apart and put back together. Each component plays a key role in making your grinding journey simple. And let's not forget about the silver colour - it's got some serious style. The lid even has the Higher Concepts logo beautifully etched into it. This grinder is all about elegance and sophistication, my friend.

Elevate your smoking experience to another level with the awesome Bud 2-Part Acrylic Grinder 50mm - Black. This small grinder is all about convenience and portability, allowing you to enjoy perfectly ground cannabis wherever and whenever you want. Plus, its sleek design and lightweight construction make it the ideal companion for stoners on the go.

But that's not all - this grinder is like a little piece of magic. With its clear lid and magnetic connection, you can watch in awe as your cannabis transforms into a finely ground consistency. It's almost mesmerising, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to your smoking ritual. So go on, embrace the fun and let this grinder take your smoking game to new heights.

The mind-blowing Bud 3-Part Wood Grinder is the absolute bomb for transforming your beloved cannabis buds into a fine consistency. Crafted with love from the most badass walnut wood, this baby will have you floating on cloud nine as you twist and turn. The groovy angular teeth slice through your buds like a dream, keeping those precious trichomes intact to capture the essence of your beloved flower.

Be blown away by the epicness of your carefully selected weed as it flows gracefully into the super roomy and durable glass chamber, giving you all the space you need to store a ton of finely chopped herbs. And here's the best part: it is equipped with a magical silicone seal that keeps your precious bud fresh and potent, protecting it from any annoying air interference.

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