When it comes to smoking cannabis, the debate for small bongs versus large bongs rages on. While some believe that bigger is better for superior filtration and smoother hits, others swear by the conveniance and portability of smaller options. When it comes to smoking weed via a bong, does size really matter? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of small bongs and whether they truly reign supreme over their larger counterparts.

What Is A Small Bong?

While there is no definition of what constitutes a small bong, we classify them as bongs that are 25cm or under in height. Small bongs are available in a variety of unique materials such as glass, silicone and acrylic. Plus, they come in unique shapes such as beaker base, straight tube and round base. Small bongs are typically basic in design, are easy to use and don't come with additional features such as percolators.

How Does A Small Bong Work?

Small bongs work in the same way as larger bongs. Fill your chamber with water so the bottom of your downstem is covered. Place your ground cannabis in the cone piece which is inserted into the downstem. When you're ready, light the cannabis using a lighter. As the cannabis is heated, smoke is produced and travels through the downstem and into the water chamber. The smoke is then filtered through the water before being inhaled through the mouthpiece.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Small Bong?

The size of your bong should reflect your smoking lifestyle and a small bong might be the ideal choice for your cannabis smoking needs. Perhaps you're always on the move and require a reliable rig for your travels, maybe you prefer a more discreet design or liken durability over performance. Whatever it may be, we breakdown the benefits of using a small bong for smoking weed.

1. Discreet & Easy To Hide

If you're looking for ways to keep your bong smoking habits hidden from your housemates, family, or neighbours, a small bong might be the solution for you. A small-sized bong that measures 25cm or below can help you keep your smoking habits a secret. Its compact size makes it easy to store it away, and it won't take up much space. You can easily hide it in places where no one would ever think to look, ensuring that your smoking stays under wraps, and you don't have to worry about being caught. Plus, sometimes it’s nice not having a mammoth sized bong sitting in the corner of your room for everyone to see, touch and, most likely, ask to use.

2. Less Drag & Smaller Hits

If you're new to bong smoking and feeling hesitant, small bongs can be an excellent option to start with. These bongs come with shorter downtubes and reduced water volume, which means you'll experience less drag with every pull, making it easier for you to inhale deeply. This is especially useful for those who are worried about not fully utilising their device's potential. Additionally, small bongs are perfect for those looking for smaller hits. However, it's important to know that despite their size, they can still deliver a powerful hit, with richer and more robust flavours of your favourite cannabis strains.

3. Cheap & Affordable

Small bongs use less material, take less time to make and are often less extravagant than bigger bongs. This lends to smaller bongs being cheaper and more affordable, especially those new to the bong smoking scene. Despite being cheaper, small bongs still function exactly like any other bong and therefore should not be dismissed by their low-price tag. Although they may be cheaper, there is less scope to customise with added extras such as ash catchers which filtrate your smoke for a smoother hit. But, if you're looking for a stock-standard and no-frills performance, a small bong might be the ideal match for you.

4. Durable, Stable & Long-Lasting

What goes up must come down and the same applies to tall bongs. Larger bongs sized 25cm and above have a longer downtube which makes it more susceptible to being tipped over, spilling or breaking. However, you don’t have that issue when it comes to small bongs. The sturdy low profile prevents accidental knocks or spillages and therefore will last you longer - what a great investment! Plus, the handy size makes it easy to use with buddies especially around the living room table.

5. Perfect For Travelling

The durability of a small bong is one thing but being able to travel with it opens up a new world of possibility. When it’s time to explore the great outdoors or hit the open road for a long road trip with your mates, you always need your trusty bong along for the ride. When travelling, it’s almost impossible to lug around a 30cm or 40cm bong. It’s simply not practical. However, by choosing a small, heavy-duty and discreetly designed waterpipe, the possibilities are endless, especially on the wide open road.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Small Bongs?

Although small bongs have a number of advantages to smoking cannabis, they also come with a few downsides that should be considered before purchasing.

1. Smoke Is Harsher & Hotter

Smaller bongs, while more compact and easier to manage, typically have a smaller water chamber. This can result in harsher and hotter pulls. The science behind this lies in the fact that smoke is naturally hot and harsh. However, as it travels through the downstem and into the water chamber, it gradually cools down and becomes filtered through the water. This process takes time, and the longer the smoke has to interact with the water, the cooler and smoother the hit will be when you inhale through the mouthpiece. With smaller bongs, the smoke simply doesn't have enough time to cool down and filter, resulting in a less than desirable smoking experience.

2. Not As Smooth

Small bongs typically have less water compared to larger ones. This reduced water volume may not be as effective in filtering out harmful particles from smoke, resulting in a less flavourful and harsher smoke. However, if your small bong has the appropriate design, attaching an ash catcher to your rig can enhance the filtration process, leading to a smoother smoking experience.

3. Harder To Clean

Small bongs often have tighter nooks and crannies. This can result in a build-up of resin and other substances over time, which can make cleaning the bong more challenging. These areas are often tougher to scrape, scrub and rinse, which can prove to be quite a task. A bong with grime can have a negative impact on the overall functionality and even reduce the flavour profiles of your cannabis.


Small bongs have gained popularity for several reasons and should not be underestimated. These bongs are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for travelers who don't want to carry bulky glass pieces. Additionally, small bongs provide discreet smoking experience and are known for delivering a powerful hit. However, it's essential to be aware that smaller bongs can produce harsher pulls, affecting the flavour and quality of your smoke. They may also be more challenging to clean and accessorise. Therefore, it is vital to consider your personal preferences and lifestyle when selecting a bong for a satisfying smoking experience.

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