Happy 420! It's the day we've all been waiting for - the biggest celebration for all things cannabis! And guess what? Australia's top online bong store is offering a whopping 20% discount on everything, plus free gift packs for orders over $99. So, it's the perfect opportunity to add an awesome bong to your collection without spending a fortune. Let's check out four new bongs from the brilliant minds at Bud, who are committed to creating top-notch bongs at affordable prices for cannabis enthusiasts. These bongs range from simple to complex designs but always deliver smooth and flavourful hits. Find out why these four bongs will take your 420 festivities to a whole new level.

1. Bud Beaker Bong 25cm

Two Bud Beaker Bongs 25cm

Looking for a trusty smoking device to celebrate 420 with? Well, look no further than the Bud Beaker Bong 25cm. This bad boy is one of the hottest items in the Bud line-up, and for good reason. Built with durable 4mm borosilicate glass, it delivers a consistently smooth toke that perfectly captures the essence of your cannabis. Plus, it’s available in either clear with a bold yellow Bud logo or teal with a white Bud logo emblazoned on the neck. No matter what colour you choose, you'll be the envy of all your smoking buddies.

This sick bong has got a wide mouthpiece that's comfy for all tokers out there. And you know what's even better? It's got three ice notches to chill your smoke and prevent any nasty splashbacks. Plus, the flat base design ensures that you won't accidentally knock it over and ruin your sesh. It's a great bong to pass around with your homies, and it even comes with a clear glass diffuser downstem and funnel cone piece for a smooth and tasty hit. This bong is ready to go straight out of the box, and you won't find a better deal on the Aussie market than the Bud Beaker Bong 25cm.

Price: $39.95 - $49.95


  • Height: 25cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Colours: Clear or Teal
  • Beaker base design that is easy to use and ensures consistent hits.
  • Constructed from 4mm thick borosilicate glass that is reliable and robust.
  • Three ice notches to make your smoke cooler and act as a splash guard.
  • Thick wide mouthpiece that is comfortable and suitable for all smokers.
  • Finished off with a Bud logo on the downtube.
  • Flat and stable base ensures ultimate stability and durability.
  • A cinch to clean and maintain after use.
  • Comes with a removable clear cone piece and diffusor downstem.

2. Bud Matrix Percolator Bong 40cm

Three Bud Matrix Percolator Bongs 40cm

If you're looking to puff in style this 420, then check out the Bud Matrix Percolator Glass Bong. This baby stands tall at 40cm, is made from some heavy-duty borosilicate glass and is available in either clear, teal or pink. The main attraction is the matrix percolator inside that has slits running both vertically and horizontally. The percolator is designed to give you the smoothest hits by pulling the smoke through those slits which create a tonne of tiny bubbles that get cooled down by the water. Relish the rich, luscious and impactful inhale that accompanies the Bud Matrix Percolator Bong as it offers an exceptionally mellow toke with the full bouquet of your preferred cannabis strain.

The massive bong chamber can handle even the strongest hits without tipping over thanks to its wide base. It's got three ice notches above the percolator for an extra chill sesh, and no need to worry about any unwanted water splashing back. The Bud logo gives it a fun touch, and the mouthpiece is super comfy to puff on. If you're looking for a bong that won't empty your wallet and will get you high as a kite this 420, the Bud Matrix Percolator Bong from Glass Bongs Australia is the one for you. It comes with a glass diffuser downstem and a funnel cone piece, so you'll be able to take smooth hits right out of the box. Get ready for a filtered smoking experience that won't leave you coughing up a lung!

Price: $149.95


  • Height: 40cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Colours: Clear, Teal or Pink
  • The amazing conical beaker structure provides an enormous interior, capable of accommodating an ample amount of liquid for big hits.
  • This strong 5mm borosilicate glass is crafted to endure a variety of arduous settings.
  • The cylindrical matrix percolator promises peerless purification and indulgent, silky draws.
  • Features a visually striking 'Bud' logo placed prominently on the downtube that captures attention.
  • The three ice notches ensures your smoke stays chilled with ice cubes while doubling up as a guard against splashes
  • Mouthpiece fits snugly and pleasantly, making it ideal for all types of smokers.
  • It's a breeze to tidy up and maintain even after the most intense bong smoking session.
  • The bong comes with a removable glass diffuser downstem and a fantastic funnel cone piece.

3. Bud Twisted Inline Percolator Bong 30cm

Bud Twisted Inline Percolator Bong 30cm

The Bud Twisted Inline Percolator Bong is seriously impressive. It's got a straight tube shape with loads of cool details that'll make your smoking buddies give you high-fives all around. This stunner is 30cm tall and sits on a thick, circular teal base that's totally flat. It's made with 5mm borosilicate glass, so you know it's heavy-duty. The glass is hand-blown with a delicate touch that really brings out the flavours of your favourite cannabis strains. Trust me, this bong is sure to impress.

The most impressive feature of this contraption is the spiral glass that twists its way up the centre of the bong, sure to captivate and entrance your senses. Not only is the twisted design visually stunning, but it's also a joy to handle and use. The small, circular percolator at the base of the chamber filters and amplifies the number of bubbles in your water, resulting in a chill, velvety, and effortless drag. The attached inline downstem with cool teal highlights is your ticket to completely customising your experience with other cone pieces and ash catchers. Alternatively, you can transform the bong into a full-fledged dabbing rig to experiment with your favourite waxes, oils, and concentrates.

The Bud Twisted Inline Percolator Bong is a real eye-catcher, with a slim downtube featuring a shiny white Bud logo that takes its overall coolness to new heights. The mouthpiece is slim and easy to use, with a trendy teal colour that adds to its charm. To sweeten the deal, it comes with a removable glass funnel cone piece, so you can start using it right away. Want to elevate your smoking game this 420? Invest in this versatile bong and enjoy its character, flair, and elegance!

Price: $149.95


  • Height: 30cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Colour: Teal
  • Sleek, cylindrical design with an array of intricate touches sure to draw admiration and compliments from your smoking companions.
  • It's 30cm tall and is perched atop a solid, round and teal-hued base.
  • Crafted with quality heavy-duty borosilicate glass for smooth, clean hits.
  • Mesmerising and captivating glass helix that spirals up the center of the bong.
  • The percolator located at the base creates more bubbles which generates a cool, effortless and pleasant draw.
  • Attached downstem with teal highlights allows you to personalise your smoking setup with other cone pieces and ash catchers.
  • Transform the bong into a full-fledged dabbing apparatus to explore your preferred waxes, oils, and extracts.
  • The thin, sleek downtube is adorned with a pristine white Bud emblem, taking the elegance of the bong to a whole new level.
  • Your order is all set with a detachable glass cone funnel piece, so you can get started right away!

4. Bud Jellyfish Percolator Bong 33cm

Bud Jellyfish Percolator Bong 33cm

Jump into the possibilities of percolation this 420 with the Bud Jellyfish Percolator Bong 33cm. This unique bong has a scientific shape that will catch your eye and make a statement. With its inline percolator and impressive features, your smoking session will be transformed into a smooth and unforgettable experience. This bong is the missing piece you've been searching for.

This bong is a real beauty, standing tall at 33cm with a flat base in a majestic shade of purple. Made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass that's 5mm thick, this bong is not only stable, but it also enhances the flavour of your cannabis strains. The main attraction is the purple jellyfish percolator that sits inside the chamber, diffusing and bubbling your smoke to the max for ultimate filtration. As you inhale, watch the smoke dance upwards through the intricately designed downtube and three surrounding handles, before reaching the purple funnel mouthpiece for a satisfying hit. This bong is sure to be a conversation starter and will make you the envy of all your stoner friends.

The bong's stable inline downstem allows for customisation and versatility in attaching various parts like ash catchers, cone pieces, and bangers. It also enables the transformation of the bong into a dab rig, providing an opportunity to savour the full impact of oils, concentrates, and waxes. Resembling an enigmatic sea creature lurking in the depths of the ocean, the Bud Jellyfish Percolator Bong is a one-of-a-kind bong that will leave you gasping for air with its massive hits brimming with flavour. It's sure to evoke a sense of amazement and delight when you're smoking with your pals this 420 day. So, put on your swimwear, dive in, and add the Bud Jellyfish Percolator Bong to your cart today!

Price: $179.95


  • Height: 33cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Colour: Purple
  • One-of-a-kind scientific-shaped inline percolator bong design.
  • Purple-coloured jellyfish percolator for supreme filtration.
  • Made from 5mm thick heavy-duty borosilicate glass.
  • Three hallow handles for filtered smoke distribution and easy handling.
  • Purple-coloured round flat base for stability and durability.
  • Comfortable funnel purple mouthpiece suitable for all smokers.
  • Intricate and wavy hand-blown glass downtube design.
  • Vivid yellow-coloured Bud logo located below the mouthpiece.
  • Stable inline downstem allowing for customisation with cone pieces, ash catcher and dabbing accessories.
  • Includes removable glass cone piece.
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