If you’re looking for a chill way to blaze up some weed, round base bongs are where it’s at. Not only do they give you smooth and tasty hits, but you can watch all the filtration process happen right before your eyes. They’re totally dope for both newbies and experienced smokers, since their basic design makes them easy to use without a lot of extra stuff. We explore the features of round base bongs, what makes them so great and why you should consider adding one to your cart today!

What Is A Round Base Bong?

A round base bong, also known as a bubble bong, is a type of traditional smoking device used for smoking cannabis. It has a unique, large spherical water chamber that is wider than the tube and mouthpiece. The rounded shape of the chamber is advantageous as it allows a larger amount of water to be held in the bong, providing a more effective filtration system for a clean and consistent smoke.

What Are The Different Types Of Round Base Bongs?

Round base bongs are available in a wide range of unique materials and styles including glass, silicone and acrylic. Each material have their own unique characteristics which make them attractive to different types of bong users. Some of the various types of round base bongs include:

  • Glass Round Base Bongs: Glass round base bongs provide the smoothest, richest and most flavourful hits possible. The purity of glass promotes the full taste and aroma of your precious herbs and the heat-resistant borosilicate glass ensures your smoke is cool, velvety and always tasty. Glass may be more fragile than other materials such as silicone and acrylic, but if taken care of properly, glass can be more durable and long-lasting than any other type of bong.
  • Silicone Round Base Bongs: Silicone round base bongs are made from high-grade silicone that is malleable and heat-resistant. They offer extreme durability and portability as the material is less prone to breaking meaning it will last you a long time. Despite these benefits, silicone can negatively impact the overall taste and performance of your smoke compared to glass due to the impurities in the material.
  • Acrylic Round Base Bongs: Acrylic round base bongs are a cheaper alternative to other materials such as glass and silicone but are just as durable. Their ideal for taking with you when you’re on the go and can take a bit of rough handling without breaking. Again, the inferior material delivers a less than desirable smoke compared to glass and can promote a harsher toke.

What Are The Benefits Of Round Base Bongs?

Round base bongs are quite like beaker bongs in the sense that the sphere-shaped water chamber is wider than the tube and mouthpiece. This is practically beneficial as it allows your bong to hold substantially more water than your typical beaker or straight tube bong and ultimately create greater filtration for a smoother, cleaner and consistent smoking experience.

  • More Volume: The main benefit of a round base bong is the larger water chamber. The globe-shaped chamber allows for more water, increasing the surface area and therefore producing bigger, cooler and more impressive hits. The smoke can swirl around inside the bong for longer producing a richer and more flavourful pull.
  • Stable & Sturdy: Round base bongs typically have a flat round base which allows it to stand up and not need to be held. This makes it more stable and secure compared to other bongs that have a slimmer base.
  • Easy To Clean: The bubble base design makes the cleaning process easy and hassle-free. With a wide-open area and no tricky internal compartments, you’re able to clean and maintain the inside with ease.
  • Aesthetics: The round base bong is a unique shape and style of bong that is aesthetically pleasing and stylistic. You can really see the water bubble and filtrate inside the chamber giving off a cauldron-like look and feel.
  • Unique Materials: Bubble base bongs are incredibly popular and therefore you’re able to find them in different styles such as glass, silicone and acrylic giving you plenty of options when looking for the right round base bong for you and your smoking needs.

How Do You Use A Round Base Bong?

To use a round base bong, first, you will need to fill your cone piece or bowl with your desired amount of cannabis. Ensure your product is ground up into a fine, fluffy consistency and that it’s not too tightly packed for a smooth and even smoke. Once your bowl is packed, place your bowl into the downstem. You can then place your mouth onto the mouthpiece, light the cannabis and slowly inhale. As you inhale, the smoke will travel down the downstem and into the spherical water chamber, where it will bubble up through the water. The bubbling action helps to filter and cool the smoke so you get a tasty, flavourful and effective hit. Finally, the smoke will travel up the neck of the bong and into your lungs.

Are Round Base Bongs Better Than Other Types Of Bongs?

Round base bongs are an ideal choice for smoking cannabis because they are usually made from high-quality materials such as glass, feature a large water chamber resulting in bigger, smoother hits and are incredibly stable due to the flat round base that allows it to stand freely on your even surfaces. Round base bongs are aesthetically pleasing on the eye with their awesome orb-like appearance showcasing the filtration of bubbles swirling and dancing in front of you. Plus, they’re available in plenty of unique materials such as glass, silicone and acrylic along with eye-catching patterns, designs and colours.

With that in mind, choosing the right bong for you all comes down to personal preference. It’s essential you keep your budget, size and personal needs in mind before selecting a round base bong. We also recommend reaching out to fellow smokers who have one to find out more how it performs and if it’ll match your smoking needs.

How Do You Clean A Round Base Bong?

Cleaning a round base bong is an incredibly easy and quick process. By staying on top of your bong cleaning routine, you will add years to the life of your bong, improve its overall performance and enjoy cleaner, smoother and tastier hits. We recommend purchasing a liquid bong cleaner such as Formula 420 which can be poured into your empty round base bong. Cover all the openings, give it a good shake and swirl for one minute, empty and rinse with warm water. Use a soft brush to scrub off any caked on resin or ash and make sure to give your cone piece and downstem some love too. Once you’re happy with the results, give it a good rinse under warm water, let it dry and it’ll be ready to go for your next rip.


Round base bongs are a great way to smoke cannabis because they provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. The massive water chamber means you get bigger, smoother and more flavourful hits and you even get to see the awesome filtration happen before your eyes. They’re ideal for both beginners and veterans as they’re easy to use and have a basic design without too many bells and whistles. Explore Glass Bongs Australia’s wicked selection of round base and bubble bongs today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99.

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