Satya Incense Sticks 15g

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$1.00 $3.00
Embrace a sophisticated sensorial journey as the globally acclaimed Satya Incense Sticks effortlessly mask the scent of cannabis. Each waft of our meticulously crafted blend of exotic herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils promises to transform your space, elevating your smoking experience. Find your personal paradise amid our wide array of u... Read More

Embrace a sophisticated sensorial journey as the globally acclaimed Satya Incense Sticks effortlessly mask the scent of cannabis. Each waft of our meticulously crafted blend of exotic herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils promises to transform your space, elevating your smoking experience. Find your personal paradise amid our wide array of unique fragrances. With Satya Incense Sticks, it's not just about covering odour—it's about creating an enchanting atmosphere that truly complements your smoking lifestyle.

Available Scents:

  • Blessings - It breathes life into spaces, creating a light, invigorating atmosphere. It also contributes to a serene meditative or yoga session. It enriches your surroundings while bestowing prosperity in your space with the soothing hint of sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Celestial - Celestial presents a delightful blend of the deep, warm scent of premium sandalwood and the beloved essence of exquisite vanilla. This combination creates an environment of ultimate comfort and relaxation.
  • Citronella - Citronella emanates a delightful citrus aroma that wards off bugs while offering healing properties and mood-lifting benefits. It's reputed for ushering in prosperity and joy for those who use it. It aids in tranquil outdoor meditation, providing a rejuvenating, elevating, and positive vibe.
  • Dragon Blood - Recognised for its natural and stabilising properties, it acts as a shield for one's aura and residence against any outside disturbances, thereby invigorating the spiritual awareness.
  • Fortune - Fortune offers a calming scent, utilised to draw luck and wealth. It serves as the perfect companion for meditation, yoga, or merely to unwind and aid in achieving peaceful slumber.
  • Frankincense - Renowned for its power in reducing psychological distress and purifying one's energy field. This robust, earthy scent safeguards the user from harmful vibes and fosters better relationship ties. The tranquil ambiance created by a burning candle. A fusion of purification, spiciness, and depth.
  • Good Vibes – A sophisticated masala incense stick, perfect for yoga and meditation sessions. It creates a soft and breezy atmosphere. The soothing scent of this incense lingers, promoting relaxation and setting a sensual tone.
  • Green Champa - This incense blends the classic Nag Champa fragrance with vibrant, stimulating and earthy scents from nature.
  • Jasmine - The potent aroma of the Jasmine is mirrored in the flora incense, instilling a sense of passion and self-assurance in those who use it. Acting as a natural antidepressant, it combats anxiety-related conditions, invoking a sense of beauty and restoring equilibrium to the feminine energy or yin within one's body. It's nature's love potion. It offers tranquility, soothes, and utterly captivates.
  • Lavender - Assists in calming, dispelling nighttime anxieties and alleviating sleeplessness. Comforting, supreme and botanical.
  • Midnight - It soothes the mind and instills tranquility. The aroma of sandalwood, vanilla, and jasmine is present.
  • Karma - This incense mix fosters an invigorating ambiance that encourages optimistic thinking and deeds. This combination is renowned for assisting in calming the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Lemongrass - Lemongrass, with its crisp, citrusy scent, acts as a natural antidepressant and energy booster. It also keeps mosquitoes at bay and purifies the air naturally. Its uplifting aroma makes it perfect not just for pest control, but also for relaxation and meditation. It embodies mildness while being invigorating and revitalising.
  • Meditation - Contributes to the development of mental resilience, clear-mindedness, and vitality, while also facilitating profound levels of calmness, tolerance, and empathy. Serene, engaging, and sacred.
  • Nag Champa - Crafted with a unique mix of herbs, resins, blossoms, and oils, the Nag Champa blend serves to cleanse and sanctify your environment, offering substantial support for deep meditation or relaxation. It's balanced and powerful.
  • Namaste - A luxuriant, energising aroma that fosters a balanced and jubilant atmosphere, perfect for close-knit social events and holiday celebrations. This concoction aids in nurturing bonds among people. Luxurious, jubilant, and festive.
  • Nirvana - This concoction evokes a sense of calm and alleviates stress. The rich undertones of Sandalwood Musk, layered with the sweetness of ripe fruits, are harmoniously blended with notes of Violet and Vanilla. This soothing fragrance not only purifies and stabilises the surroundings but is also an ideal choice before engaging in meditation.
  • Patchouli - The cherished Patchouli scent is guaranteed to offer you sheer pleasure similar to a gust of coastal wind. It's recognized for its distinctive intoxicating impact. Robust and terrestrial, the Patchouli plant fragrance repels bugs and detrimental bacteria, and serves as a superb clothing refresher while also centreing the user.
  • Patchouli Forest - The captivating scent of patchouli, combined with woodsy notes and spices, results in a magical ambiance!
  • Rainforest - This is a spicy, floral and woody fragrance resembling the smell of forest. It sets the ambiance and aids in channeling stabilising energies within your home, workplace, or during your meditation sessions.
  • Reiki - This mix exudes a soothing scent designed to mend and rejuvenate the user's emotional state. This blend, beneficial during periods of physical or mental distress, aids in restoring emotional health. It triggers a process of natural healing, making it ideal for use in meditation sessions or during Reiki practices.
  • Romance - This alluring aroma blends the renowned Nag Champa essence with subtle floral tones, providing a soothing and enduring scent.
  • Rose - Assists in subtly easing stress and melancholy while rectifying hormonal disparities. A bouquet of aromatic roses. Botanicals, balancing and motivating.
  • Sacred Ritual - A unique blend of dry, rich, and balsamic tones with a unique Soft, Warm, Smooth, woody aroma. It fosters a relaxing and stress-free environment.
  • Sandalwood - Ignite the Sandalwood floral incense to experience its soothing, divine, and forest-like scent that invigorates the body and fosters tranquility. Let it assist you in abandoning all hostility as you transition into a calming state.
  • Sensation - Hints of woody, vanilla, and orange fragrances bolster a positive perspective throughout the day, stimulating the senses.
  • Spiritual Healing - The blend for Spiritual Healing is recognised for its ability to balance the user's aura energy discrepancies and foster a pleasant atmosphere encouraging self-appreciation and self-acceptance.
  • Sunrise - Start your day in elegance with Satya Sunrise Incense. This delightful masala-style aroma is filled with comforting sandalwood, calming vanilla, and a gentle touch of zesty citrus.
  • Super Hit – The Super Hit mix, pleasing to the sense of smell, introduces a wave of positivity to your spirit and soothes the atmosphere you inhale. It mirrors the initial sunbeams hitting a mountain's apex. It's exhilarating, sweet and uplifting.
  • Vanilla – The aroma of Vanilla flora incense permeates your environment, creating a joyful and sweet atmosphere. It serves a dual purpose as a relaxant and a mood lifter, aiding in calming fatigued nerves and enlivening a monotonous area. Its scent is sweet, enticing, and sensuous.
  • White Sage - This unique blend offers a safeguarding ambience via white sage. Kickstart your day with the White Sage floral incense. It aids in revitalising the body while purifying the spirit and atmosphere of the surroundings.
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        What's Included

        12 x Satya Incense Sticks (per pack)


        Burn time is 30 - 45 minutes per stick
        Hand rolled in the Indian masala tradition
        Sustainable bamboo core
        Made by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya
        Made in India
        Made from a mixture of natural herbs, resins, pure floral extracts and the finest essential oils, which are hand rolled onto a bamboo stick.

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