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Crushed rolls will be a thing of the past when you invest in our wicked collection of PAQcase pre-rolled joint storage cases at Glass Bongs Australia. PAQcases’ line of storage cases, JPAQ, is the ultimate packaging solution to protect and preserve your cones and pre-rolls from the elements. They’ve revolutionised rolled herb containers to offer you the pinnacle of storage accessories that every smoking enthusiast should have in their repertoire. No longer will you be out and about ready to light up your favourite herbs only to discover your pre-rolled joint has been crushed by the weight of your behind. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Now, you can move around town without a care in the world knowing the rolls you spent time crafting perfectly and beautifully will remain exactly the same.

JPAQ cases have been scientifically engineered to protect your precious legal herbs and rolls. The case features a 100% recycled plastic frame and inner gasket seal providing maximum crush protection as well as stopping water and air from entering. The sleek yet subtle design and odour locking abilities helps avoid unwanted attention. They’re smaller than most smartphones so they will fit easily and comfortably in your purse, backpack or pocket ensuring you can take them absolutely anywhere you dream or desire. Plus, they feature an odour resistant ‘roach coach’ compartment meaning you’ll never have to toss a roach ever again!

Our selection of JPAQ cases allow for you to store up to five pre-rolled cones and can even fit King Size papers so you’re never limited by the size of your creations. Plus, they’re available in different colours to match your personality and style. Don’t ever experience the saddening reality of a crushed cone and invest in a JPAQ case to ensure fresh, beautiful-looking and ready-to-smoke joints every single time. The JPAQ was engineered by pre-roll smokers, for pre-roll smokers with the overall goal to extend the conventional boundaries of a pre-roll. Try yours today!

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