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Sifter Boxes

Sifter Boxes

Gather the most crucial and potent components of your herbs by utilising one of our fantastic sifter boxes at Glass Bongs Australia. Just like the infamous Australian gold prospectors during the late 1800s gold rush era, you too can sift through your herbs to find the most savoured, precious and potent little nuggets of pure herb gold, also known as kief, simply by investing in one of our unreal sifter boxes.

Kief is the purest and most powerful part of your herb and when smoked it can often pack an almighty punch. Kief can really take your smoking lifestyle to the next level when utilised correctly and by using a sifter box you take away all the hassle of collecting this beautiful gold-like substance. Our brilliant selection of sifter boxes makes the process of producing, collecting, storing your kief an absolute breeze. These high quality, strong and extremely durable storage devices feature a tightly pulled, low micron mesh screen which allows the tiny crystal parts of your herbs to pass through to the bottom tray. They feature three sections all held together with strong magnets, which will ensure that none of the precious sift is ever lost. Then, when you’re ready to smoke, grab what you need, put it in your preferred smoking device and be well on your way to a blissful existence.

Unlike some grinders, which have certain limitations when it comes to capturing the most sought after elements of your herbs, our sifter boxes are designed purely to catch only the good stuff. We stock a variety of brands, including one of our favourites, Chongz, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right sifter box for you. Made from a variety of materials such as hardwood, pine or bamboo they not only look beautiful but they’re subtle, portable and durable so you will never be disappointed with its performance. Whether you’re a newbie to smoking or a seasoned veteran, collecting and storing the most revered element of your herbs is a must. Make the investment today and we’re guaranteed you won’t be disappointed!

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