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Herb Mills FAQ

What Is A Herb Mill?

A herb mill is a device that is utilised for chopping and grinding herbs, including cannabis buds. It contains two cylindrical chambers with teeth or blades that interlock and rotate against each other to finely chop and grind the herbs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Herb Mill?

In order to achieve a consistent and uniform grind of cannabis buds, a herb mill can prove to be quite useful. This is particularly crucial if one plans to use the cannabis for edibles as an even grind ensures an even distribution of the herb throughout the recipe. Herb mills are not only quick and efficient but also easy to use, making it a great time-saver when chopping a large quantity of cannabis buds. Moreover, herb mills are designed to be disassembled with ease, which aids in preventing the accumulation of resin and other debris that can have an impact on the flavour and potency of the cannabis. Grinding cannabis buds with a herb mill can help to unlock the plant's natural oils and flavours, thereby enhancing the overall taste of the cannabis. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy smoking or vaping cannabis as a finely ground bud can provide a smoother and more flavoursome experience.

How Do You Use A Herb Mill?

To chop cannabis buds using a herb mill, first, remove any large stems or leaves from the buds. Next, place the buds inside the chamber of the herb mill and securely fasten it. Hold the herb mill with one hand and turn the handle around to activate the teeth or blades inside that will chop and grind the buds. Ensure that you don't over-grind as this can result in less potent cannabis. Once the desired consistency is achieved, transfer the ground cannabis and either use it immediately or store it in an airtight container. It is crucial to clean the herb mill regularly to avoid the buildup of resin and debris that can affect the taste and potency of the cannabis. You can do this by disassembling the herb mill and soaking its parts in rubbing alcohol.

What's The Best Herb Mill Material?

Stainless steel is the preferred material for herb mills because it's highly resistant to rust, long-lasting and easy to clean. It is also budget-friendly compared to titanium mills. On the other hand, titanium herb mills are known for their durability and robustness. Despite being expensive, they are worth the investment for frequent users due to their prolonged lifespan. Aluminum herb mills are the most economical option available, although they may not last as long as stainless steel or titanium mills. They are portable and lightweight, making them a suitable option for those who need to carry them around.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Herb Mill?

The quality of the herb mill and the technique used to grind cannabis can affect the potency and flavour of the buds. Inconsistent grinding can result in some pieces being either too large or too small. Trichomes, the resinous glands on cannabis buds that contain cannabinoids and terpenes, contribute to the plant's effects and flavor. When buds are ground in an herb mill, trichomes can be lost, reducing the potency and quality of the cannabis. Herb mills may also accumulate residue over time, which can affect the flavour and potency of future grinds and make it difficult to grind buds evenly. Additionally, herb mills have a limited capacity, which may require users to grind multiple batches, resulting in inconvenience and time consumption.

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