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Dabbing Storage FAQ

How do you store dabbing cannabis concentrates, oils and waxes?

To preserve the quality of concentrates, it is important to store them in a cool and dark place that is airtight. Since heat and light can cause degradation, it is essential to avoid exposure to them. Silicone and glass containers are preferable to plastic containers since plastic can release chemicals that affect the flavour and quality of concentrates. Freezing concentrates is not advisable as it can make them brittle and reduce their potency. Additionally, moisture can make them sticky and hard to handle, but this issue can be resolved using humidity packs in the container.

What storage types are used to store dabbing concentrates, oils and waxes?

Silicone containers are a preferred choice for storing dabbing concentrates due to their non-stick and easy-to-clean properties. They are available in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for storing small amounts of concentrates. Glass containers are also a good option as they are non-reactive, effortless to clean, and provide an airtight seal, preventing air exposure. To prevent dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes from sticking together, parchment paper is often used. Unbleached parchment paper is recommended as bleached paper may contain chemicals that can impact the concentrate's quality and taste. Wax paper is another alternative that provides a non-sticky surface, making it easy to handle the concentrate without compromising its potency or flavor. To maintain optimal moisture levels and avoid mould and bacteria growth in storage containers, humidity packs can be included. These packs come in different sizes and are compatible with both silicone and glass containers. It is important to note that they are a useful tool for regulating humidity levels.

What are the benefits of storing dabbing concentrates, oils and waxes?

It is crucial to store dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes properly to maintain their potency, flavour, and consistency. Exposure to air, heat, and light can cause contamination from mould, bacteria, or other harmful substances, leading to a reduction in quality. To prevent this, it is important to store them in airtight containers in a cool, dark place. Using clean, airtight containers and avoiding moisture can also help reduce the risk of contamination. Non-stick containers or parchment paper can be used to prevent the concentrate from sticking together, making it easier to handle and use. Proper storage can extend the life of dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes, saving money in the long run and ensuring that high-quality products are always on hand.

What steps are involved when storing dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes?

When storing dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes, it is essential to select an airtight, non-reactive, and easy-to-clean container. Glass or silicone containers are popular options. To prevent exposure to light and heat, the container should be stored in a cool, dark place with an ideal temperature range of 15-21°C. Keeping the container away from moisture is crucial to avoid the growth of mould or bacteria, and humidity packs can be used to regulate moisture levels. To prevent sticking and make handling easier, dabbing concentrate or oil can be wrapped in parchment or wax paper. It is also recommended to label the container with the product type and storage date to keep track of its age and ensure timely usage.

What's the best type of storage for dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes?

Glass containers are a reliable storage option due to their non-reactive nature, lack of odour or flavour absorption, and clear visibility. Silicone containers are also popular for storing dabbing concentrates as they are non-stick and offer easy product removal. Parchment paper is an alternative, but not ideal for long-term storage as it is not airtight. Stainless steel containers are a durable and airtight option for storing dabbing concentrates, oils, and waxes, but may be more costly compared to other storage options.

We offer a diverse range of dabbing storage options that help preserve the quality and effectiveness of your preferred cannabis concentrates, oils, and waxes here at Glass Bongs Australia. Pr. . . Read More

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