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Blunt & Wrap Glue

Blunt & Wrap Glue

Keep your rolling game tight with Glass Bongs Australia’s wicked selection of blunt and wrap glue from some of our favourite brands including Tasty Puff, Shine and more. Nothing is worse than spending time and energy rolling your own to have it come undone while smoking. But you can make this a problem of the past by investing in our awesome range of blunt and wrap glues.

They’re all extremely easy-to-use, made of safe and smokeable ingredients and provide the perfect adhesiveness so your papers won’t be drenched and possibly rip. Not only will our glues provide extra support and strength so your rolls don’t unravel, but they allow for a more sanitary way to share a joint with friends. Save your tongue from feeling used and abused and let our glues do all the work for you. They work for all types of papers and hemp wraps and their strong adhesion make your joint stick and remain stuck for the entire duration of your smoke.

Take your glue to the next level and create a party in your mouth with our wonderful collection of Tasty Puff flavoured glue. Simply distribute a couple of drops to the edges of your wrap or paper evenly and wrap it up. It’ll not only keep your paper where you want it but it’ll be bursting with unreal flavours such as blueberry dream, bubble-gum, pineapple express, strawberry cough and so many more. We also stock Creative Rolling Glue from Shine which is perfect for creative rolling and keeps all your handiwork properly secured so you can engage in marathon smoking sessions without a care in the world. Once you convert to glue, you’ll never go back. Give it a go and try it today!

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