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BHO Oil Extractors

BHO Oil Extractors

Extract your concentrates safely and efficiently with Glass Bongs Australia premium selection of BHO Oil Extractors. Butane extraction is a hydrocarbon extraction, which involves the process of using a hydrocarbon such as butane or propane, as a solvent to extract concentrates. These concentrates create a full representation of the original plant in concentrated form and give the user a purer, deeper and more sublime experience. As you’re probably aware, concentrates are quickly becoming one of the more popular methods due to this combination of accessibility, portability and versatility resulting in a much more user-friendly experience.

We have a number of BHO oil extractors at Glass Bongs Australia that provide you with the right tools and instructions to extract your valuable compounds to create concentrate such as shatter, wax and oil. Two of our most popular butane extractors are the Atomic Stainless Steel BHO Oil Extractor Tube and the Atomic BHO Oil Extractor. The Atomic Stainless Steel Oil BHO Extractor Tube has an easy grip rubber handle to prevent cold burn when handling and has a high quality thread on both sides to make filling and cleaning the tube as easy as possible. It is great for both trying to process large or small batches. While the Atomic BHO Oil Extractor is your original honeybee extractor and is a handy size making it incredibly easy to handle and use. 

WARNING: Carefully read and follow product instructions before use. Don't use within 60 metres (200 feet) from any spark, flame, pilot light or any other source of heat. Don't use if you're unaware of the dangers and risks involved with butane extraction. 

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