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  • The Bud Bottle Bong is a famous Australian Gatorade bong that is styled like a sports drink bottle.
  • This best-selling glass Gatorade bong is made from thick borosilicate glass and has a nostalgic Gatorade bottle inspired design.
  • The Bud Bottle Bong comes with an aluminium downstem and brass cone piece.

The Gatorade bong has been a quintessential part of Australian smoking culture for decades.

The artform of fashioning a bong from a plastic Gatorade bottle and piece of garden hose has gone down in Australian folklore and become a global 420 symbol synonymous with our love for cannabis.

Despite widespread admiration for the trusty Macgyvered bong, there are severe limitations to the homemade bong.

From the aesthetically displeasing design and accompanying unsavoury taste to the downright unsafe practise of smoking from a plastic bottle, there are some serious concerns a user should be aware of before contributing to the disgusting underworld of discarded Gatorade bongs in back alleys and parks within and around Australian suburbia.

So, what's the solution? Well, it's simple. Introducing the best Gatorade bong on the Australian market - the Bud Bottle Bong.

In this article, we dissect the Bud Bottle Bong, what makes it so great as an everyday bong and how it differs from other bongs available online.

What Is The Bud Bottle Bong?

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The Bud Bottle Bong is the latest glass bong from the minds behind Bud.

It takes everything you know and love about the famous Gatorade bong but adds it own distinct charcteristics that will ensure a silky smooth smoke packed full of your beloved cannabis strains' flavour profile.

Plus, at half the price of the majority of glass Gatorade bongs on the Australian market at $69.95, there's no reason for you to be chugging back on a homemade rig any longer.


The Bud Bottle Bong is made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass that guarantees durability and stability even in the most volatile smoking environments.

Unlike plastic or silicone, the clean properites of glass bongs help enhance the flavour of your smoke ensuring you only taste the tastiest properties of your preferred cannabis flower.

The thick, strong glass is also crucial in avoiding any accidental knocks or breakages.

When your passing around your billy with your mates, there's nothing worse than a butter fingers dropping it and turning it into a million shattered pieces.

Investing in this superb, high-quality and robust glass, you can reduce the chances of this happening and enjoy every session without a worry.


The Bud Bottle Bong is shaped like your classic Gatorade water bottle bong.

This inspired design is a nod to the Australian obsession of crafting makeshift bongs out of these plastic bottles.

The bong's small to medium sized stature mirrors the height of typical sports drink bottles. This size makes it perfect for handling and keeps it discreet so you can light up when you want, wherever you want.

The smooth borosilicate glass is a delight to touch while the ergonomic grips on either side of the bong make it a pleasure to use and pass around with buddies.

The large water chamber provides plenty of water volume resulting in monster hits and the wide and universal mouthpiece ensures a comfortable fit for big or small mouths.


Two standout features of the Bud Bottle Bong are its aluminium downstem and brass cone piece. These crucial design elements are much adored by the Australian smoking community and are reason why this bong continues to be a best seller.

The sleek black aluminium downstem and brass cone piece are built to last with their heat-resistant properties that won't crack or break when hitting high temperatures. Plus, they add to the sleek and moden look that will impress even the most discerning smokers. 

The brass cone piece allows you to pack a generous amount of your favourite cannabis buds, ensuring that every hit is filled with flavour and intensity. Say goodbye to those weak and paltry hits – the Bud Bottle Bong is here to deliver the full-bodied experience you crave. Both the downstem and cone piece are easy to remove and clean, so you can enjoy more time smoking and less time scrubbing.


When a smoker sees the Bud Bottle Bong for the first time, all eyes are diverted to the awesome Bud logo smack-bang in the middle of the Gatorade bong.

The vibrant yellow smoking-hot logo personifies everything the Bud brand is about - inclusivity, fun and style. No matter your personal tastes or preferences, there's always room for some striking yellow hues in your bong collection to set it apart from everything else.

Bud is fast becoming one of the leading bong brands in the country. Their simple, elegant and easy-to-use designs make them accessible for all bong smoking skill levels. At the fraction of the price of typical glass bongs, Bud is the bong for everyone.

Buy The Bud Bottle Bong

The Bud Bottle Bong is the new glass Gatorade bottle bong that will transform your same old boring smoking routine and level up your smoke sesh.

This badass water bottle bong is the ultimate upgrade from those janky Gatorade bongs and will provide smooth, tasty and perfect hits every single time. Its sleek and suave look screams sophistication!

Say adios to those makeshift bongs and embrace the high-life with Australia's new favourite glass bong.

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