If you do it correctly, hitting a bong is an amazing experience. The key to hitting from a bong smoothly the first time, is not going too big. When someone hands you a bong, the first thing you’ll want to do is find the carb if there is one (similar to what you’d find on a pipe). Most bongs don’t have a carb, like glass bongs, but some of the plastic ones do. If you are smoking from a bong without a carb it likely is a slide-bong, meaning that you’ll clear the chamber with clean smoke after removing the bowl after lighting it.

To start you’ll want to take the smoke in as you are lighting the bowl, and stop lighting the bowl once the chamber is filled with smoke. Once your bowl is full of milky smoke, pull the bowl out (or release the carb) and inhale the smoke. Hold the smoke in for up to three seconds, if you can, without coughing, then exhale. You will cough your first time smoking out of a bong. If you can’t completely clear the chamber in one go, take in what you can, then clear the chamber after you’ve taken your hit. This is why it is important to know how much smoke your lungs can handle. Look at the size of the hits everyone else is taking and take smaller hits if you feel that you can’t handle as much. It’s better to take too small of a hit than take one that is too large and end up coughing or getting sick.


The first thing you want to do is find the carb. If you don’t know what the carb is, it’s that hole next to the bowl that leads into the pipe chamber. Place a finger over the carb as you light the bowl with your other hand. Or you can ask someone to light the bowl for you. As you’re lighting the bowl, inhale the smoke coming through the pipe slowly. For your first hit make sure that you are not inhaling too deeply, otherwise you will end up coughing too much. Once you stop lighting the bowl, release your thumb from the carb and inhale the smoke from the pipe into your lungs. Hold it in and then exhale. When lighting a pipe, try not to torch the entire bowl, just try to light the outside edges.


Lighting a joint is not the same as lighting a cigarette. Light the tip of the joint while puffing to get the end lit up. A great joint will have a rolled end that will ensure that when you light it, the flames will spread evenly around it. If this isn’t occurring, re-light it whilst rotating it to ensure it burns evenly. This will prevent burning only one side. Inhale as you drag off the joint, just as you would a cigarette.

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