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Tasty Puff Flavoured Liquid Drops are a great alternative to flavoured tobacco and flavoured rolling papers. Available in a wide range of juicy, fruity flavours - you can chop and change as often as you like. 

They're designed to enhance the natural flavours of your smoke. To use, simply use the dropper to drop the incredible Tasty Puff flavours on to your tobacco, herbs, oils, wax blunt wraps or rolling papers, let dry and enjoy the flavour explosion! Alternatively, you can try adding a few drops to the water in your bong.

Only quality food grade natural ingredients are used in these concentrated, unsweetened flavoured Tasty Puff Flavoured Liquid DropsEvery bottle contains up to 400 drops, so they'll last you quite a while.

Available in 48 flavours:

  • Armageddon Amaretto - Almond flavoured liquor, rich yet sweet
  • Awesome Apple - Pure, delicious green apple flavour
  • Banging Birthday Cake - Vanilla cake with sweet whipped cream frosting
  • Blackjack Black Liquorice - Just liquorice, just right
  • Blueberry Thrill - #1 selling flavour. Distinct, one of a kind taste
  • Shameless Champagne - Sweet and delicious
  • California Orange - Bright orange. Beautiful like a sunset over the beach
  • Chick Magnet Cherry - An intense cherry flavour
  • Chillin Cheesecake - Buttery graham cracker, tangy, velvety smooth cheesecake
  • Chronic Hypnotic - Cognac meets passion fruit. Exotic and delicious!
  • Chumpy Chocolate - A rich chocolate flavour. This flavor is especially strong
  • Cockamamie Clove - Remember clove cigarettes? Takes you right back to the 90s.
  • Coffee Talk - Black coffee flavour. Simply the best
  • Convicted Melon - Ripe watermelon flavour
  • Cool Menthol - Lacking in scent what it makes up for in cool sensation
  • Cotton Mouth Candy - A sweet and fluffy cotton candy flavour
  • Crazy Coconut - Crazy Coconut is creamy and dreamy, so tropical
  • Digable Dragonfruit - A cross between a pear and a peach
  • Electric Banana - Yummy banana flavour. Remember banana popsicles?
  • Energy Flash - Think Red Bull
  • Flower Power - A distinctive floral flavour for the sophisticate
  • Ghetto Grape - A candy grape flavour, just like a popsicle or sucker
  • Groovy Guava - Get down with this fresh and inviting guava
  • Haus Of Hazelnut - A popular nut variety known to be warm, toasty, and inviting 
  • Hella Honey - Golden ribbons of flavour, this is nectar of the gods
  • Hyper Honeydew - Hints of honey, heavy melon and just a slight cherry blossom
  • Joosy Bubble Gum - Exactly like the Juicy Fruit chewing gum
  • Jungle Juice - Hawaiian fruit punch flavour with a myriad of fruits all delectable
  • Kooky Kiwi - Sweet, juicy, green, and lovable kiwifruit 
  • Lemon-Lime Kamikaze - A perfect blend of citrus and sweet flavouring
  • Mango Tango - It’s like a fresh cut mango is right in front of you
  • Mr. Bubble - A delicious bubble gum flavour
  • Nilly Vanilla - A pure vanilla flavour that has hints of butterscotch
  • Puffin Pear - Dripping with flavour, Puffin Pear is a delicious favourite
  • Pimpy Fresh Peach - As peachy as it gets, straight off the tree!
  • Power Plant Pomegranate - A unique pomegranate flavour, suitable for royalty
  • Pucked Up Pineapple - A delicious pineapple flavour. This flavour is a top seller!
  • Puffy Le Pew - Like you just ran over a skunk flavour
  • Purple Haze - Lavender marries vanilla for an exotic flavour
  • Rasta Rootbeer - A soda fountain classic, creamy and sweet
  • Rippin’Raspberry - Is just like raspberry jelly, you wanna put it on everything
  • Spiffy Spearmint - Fresh minty flavour that is surprisingly sweet
  • Strawberry Cough - Just like a strawberry lollipop
  • Sinful Cinnamon - A warm flavour, and is quite strong, so start with small amounts
  • Sweet Leaf - Tasty Puff's rendition of a Mary Jane flavour
  • Toke A Cola - Toke a Cola is a classic for a reason. It’s that good
  • Trippin Toffee - Buttery gooey toffee deep brown sugary flavours meld with butter
  • Whipped Cream - In your wildest creams! Fluffy white clouds of sweet whipped cream


  • 7ml (1/4oz) liquid drop bottle
  • 48 flavours

WARNING: This is not an E-juice product for a vapour cigarette. This is a flavour product and cannot be vaped on its own, it can be added to any e-liquid base to enhance the flavour at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per tank). It does not vape well by itself and it is too strong to use on its own in this way. However, it does make an amazing flavour enhancer for e-cigarettes. 

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