Our Mission: High Quality Products – Low Global Impact

All Australian, modern-day businesses have the intrinsic responsibility to operate ethically and sustainably for their customers, the wider community, our country and the environment. From the people who make our products to the environment and ecological systems that we impact, we are continuously improving our business practices by introducing changes to improve our impact on the world.

It is our objective to implement practices throughout our supply chain that meet the environmental, social and commercial values of our organisation. Whilst challenging, we endeavour to improve our Commercial Footprint.


• Every product that you purchase and use has had an environmental and social impact before it was even created. We have considered designs and quality products that are durable and long-lasting, with a considered effort to leave a smaller footprint on the environment and wider community.

• Ensure that we act in full knowledge of, and in compliance with, all environmental laws and relevant standards and practices.

• Reduce our consumption of resources by purchasing and utilising environmentally-friendly products and services.

• Reducing consumption by only purchasing what we require. We reuse what we can, and recycle where possible.

• Disposing of general waste thoughtfully.

• Strive to better understand both direct and indirect impact that our practices have on the environment.

• Promote environment awareness throughout all operations of the company.


    • Ensure that Labour Standards and Human Rights Standards are upheld throughout our Supply Chain – from manufacturing to your doorstep.

    • Conduct operations in full knowledge of, and in compliance with, all Labour Laws and relevant Standards and Practices.

    • Source products and services that contribute to positive social outcomes.

    • Be an inclusive employer and promote this throughout our business.


      • Operate efficiently to ensure a stable and enduring business.

      • Work with our entire supply chain in order to gain the benefits of incorporating environmentally and socially sustainable goals into everyday business.

      • Our products are sourced from both Australia and other countries. All of our manufacturers are required to adhere to our high ethical, social and environmental standards.

      • Our manufacturers are required to promote animal welfare by minimising any potential harm, stress or pain to animals, and adhering to relevant national and international standards for Animal Welfare.