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Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper

Collect, handle and store your dab concentrates with supreme confidence by capitalising on our superb selection of parchment paper at Glass Bongs Australia. Parchment paper is a non-stick, high-quality paper that is grease and oil resistant making it perfect for wax, dabs and other concentrated medicinal oils. It works extremely well to collect sticky extracts and allow them to be easily removed from the surface due to the non-stick properties of the paper. Not only are they a necessary accessory to help handle your concentrates but the unbleached and unrefined characteristics of our parchment paper allows you to use a razors and scrapers without worrying about extra material mixing with and contaminating your wax.

Our parchment papers also works as a fantastic surface to store your substances. By storing your dabs with parchment paper correctly and in the right conditions, you’ll easily extend the potency, flavour, aroma and effectiveness of your concentrates for days, weeks and even months. By storing your dabs in parchment paper enclosed in an air-tight container rather than out in the open air, you’ll never have to worry about environmental elements such as light, air, heat and moisture from causing damage to your dab’s chemical structure and efficiency.

We stock all your favourite brands of parchment paper, including RAW, making it a simple and easy process to choose the right parchment paper for your dabbing needs. Our selection of RAW parchment paper products is extremely popular as they are made with naturally unbleached paper and coated with pure eco-friendly silicone. They come in rolls varying in size and length as well as in boxes of pre-cut squares making it incredibly simple and easy to use for your next dab session. With bulk options available you won’t need to shop anywhere else for the best parchment paper on the market!

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