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Mystery Bongs FAQ

What Is A Mystery Bong?

A mystery bong is a special type of bong exclusive to Glass Bongs Australia. Its design and features are unknown until you receive it, adding an element of surprise and unpredictability. Mystery bongs come in various styles, sizes, shapes, and materials like glass, silicone or acrylic. The anticipation and excitement of discovering its unique features and design make it a fun and adventurous choice for smokers who love a surpirse.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Mystery Bong?

There are several benefits to buying a mystery bong including:

  • Cheaper: Mystery bongs reward the buyer for taking a risk and that's why most mystery bongs are cheaper than traditional bongs. Despite being cheaper, they still boast high-quality materials and features for a smooth smoking experience.
  • Surprise: A mystery bong brings unexpected thrills to the buyer. With an unknown design and unique features, it heightens anticipation and sparks curiosity during the smoking session.
  • Unique Design: Mystery bongs are all about uniqueness and creativity. With their unconventional designs, intricate patterns, vibrant colours, or interesting shapes, they are far from ordinary. These smoking devices are sure to catch your eye and spark conversations among friends.
  • Exclusive Features: Mystery bongs can offer unique features you won't find in ordinary bongs. These features can range from extra percolators and ice catchers. By investing in a mystery bong, you open the door to discovering and experiencing these exclusive features for yourself.
  • Limited Edition: Limited quantity mystery bongs can be a must-have for enthusiasts. Get your hands on a limited edition bong to experience true exclusivity and uniqueness.

What Type Of Mystery Bong Can We Expect?

That's the mystery! However, we can guarantee a high-quality bong made from top-notch materials. The mystery bong will most likely be made from borosilicate glass and will come with a cone piece and downstem so you're ready to smoke as soon as it arrives.

Is A Mystery Bong Value For Money?

Absolutey! We reward those who want to take a risk and that's why our mystery bongs are cheaper than your traditional bong. You won't be dissapointed with our mystery bongs with many coming from some of the world's best brands.

What Happens If I Buy More Than One Mystery Bong?

Our mystery bongs are set in stone for a period of time and this is indicated on the individual product descriptions. They're available in small, medium and large. If you order more than one of the same sized mystery bong, you will receive the same bong twice. We update our mystery bongs regularly, so stay tuned for any new releases.

Take the gamble, be rewarded for your curiosity and save big with our cheap Mystery Bongs at Glass Bongs Australia. Our Mystery Bongs are discounted high-quality glass bongs guaranteed to provide everything you need for a smooth, tasty and reliable smoke. Choose from small, medium or large sized bongs depending on your personal preferences and you can expect a durable, well-made and high-performing bong. Want even more bang for your buck? Check out our bong mystery boxes which also include a heap of smoking accessories.
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