Cone Loader Pokers

Cone Loader Pokers

Remove the hassle and stress that sometimes comes with rolling your own and invest in a cone loader poker or cone loader at Glass Bongs Australia. Rolling your own can be a daunting task, especially for first-time smokers, however with the right tools at hand almost anyone can overcome their fumbling fingers and become an expert roller in no time.

A smoker can never be without their trusty poker to assist with packing their favourite wraps and cones with their favourite herbs. Ditch the pen and invest in a high-quality and ergonomically designed poker or loader to help you roll faster, more efficiently and without the fuss and hassle that comes with scrounging around the house for the perfectly sized shape to press down your herbs.

We’re stoked to offer you RAW Natural Wood Pokers which come in two sizes (24cm and 13.6cm) and are made from all-natural wood. They’re conically shaped, smooths and polished for perfect packing and poking . Plus, they’re naturally anti-static and designed to prevent material from sticking to them. Due to the natural nature of these pokers, each one has a unique grain pattern and colour, so each one is completely different. 

We also stock a number of cone loaders to help you pack faster and more efficiently. Just fill the funnel, stick the cone on the end and slide your herbs in, then use the packer to make sure it stays in the cones. It’s a fantastic bit of kit that makes stuffing cones no longer a hassle but a real pleasure. Every smoker needs a poker, so find the right one for you today at Glass Bongs Australia!

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