Is there anything more heartbreaking than dropping your bong? We don’t think so. One way to combat the ‘dropsies’ or your genetically fixed butter fingers the next time you smoke is with the famous gripper bong. A gripper bong is designed to provide the ultimate comfort when pulling cones with its purposeful design and stunning pistol-grip aesthetic guaranteed to minimise any mishaps, mishandles and miseries. In this article, we take a closer look at the gripper bong, the benefits of investing in one and why you should consider gripping and ripping the next time you’re on the hunt for a reliable and secure bong.

What Is A Gripper Bong?

A gripper bong, also known as a pistol-grip bong, is a type of bong that is designed for balanced and comfortable use. Gripper bongs have a pistol-like grip moulded into the main chamber that matches your fingers and sits in the palm of your hand perfectly. The grip allows you to hold the bong firmly without worrying about it slipping. The unique shape of a gripper bong provides a more secure and relaxed smoking experience and is beneficial to those who are new to using bongs, have trouble holding a standard bong or are prone to dropping their smoking devices.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gripper Bong?

Gripper bongs are becoming the preferred choice among cannabis users for a number of reasons: 

  • Comfort & Control: The grip indented on the main chamber is the number one reason to buy a gripper bong. The grip gives you complete control, confidence and comfort when ripping your cones.
  • Long & Smooth Pulls: Gripper bongs often have a long neck which is similar to a straight tube bong. With a longer neck, you're able to enjoy bigger, cooler and more flavourful pulls of your favourite strains.
  • Eliminate Accidental Drops: The design of a gripper bong eliminates any worry of dropping your rig because it sits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Even those most prone to letting things slip out of their grip will find it difficult to let go of this wonderfully designed bong.
  • Perfect For Beginners: A gripper bong is a fantastic introductory bong for a newcomer to bong smoking. Those who are new to smoking may already find the whole process overwhelming. But, by eliminating the worry you may have of dropping your bong with the pistol-like grip, beginners will automatically receive a confidence boost and enjoy their session to the maximum. 

Types Of Gripper Bongs

Gripper bongs come in a variety of materials, sizes and styles with each providing unique benefits to the entire smoking process. Two of the most common gripper bong styles you'll come across include:

  • Glass Gripper Bongs: Glass gripper bongs are the most prevalent type of gripper bongs on the market. Glass gripper bongs are often made from thick borosilicate glass which is heat resistant, durable and reliable. Glass also extracts the full flavour of your cannabis because it promotes a smoother, cleaner and tastier smoke without any impurities getting in the way. Many glass gripper bongs come with a silicone base giving you even more stability when you're having a session.
  • Silicone Gripper Bongs: Silicone gripper bongs are also popular because of their reliability and durability. Silicone can be knocked around without the fear of it ever breaking, plus they're great when you're on the road travelling with friends. The downsides to silicone is that it can negatively impact the overall flavour and quality of your smoke.

How Do I Use A Gripper Bong?

Gripper bongs work just like any other bong. To get started, fill your gripper bong with ordinary tap water until it is just below the downstem. Next, add your herbs to the cone piece and place it inside the downstem. Once the bowl is in place, place the gripper bong in the palm of your hand, wrap your fingers around the pistol-grip indentation on the main chamber, light your herbs and, well, you know the rest. When you’re finished, simply remove the bowl and inhale the smoke. You’ll notice how carefree and comfortable you felt with the gripper bong in the palm of your hand.

How Do I Clean A Gripper Bong?

A clean gripper bong not only looks better, but it will perform better. The flavours will be more intense, the smoke will be less harsh and it will add longevity to your piece. Follow these gripper bong cleaning tips to ensure your next smoking session is the best it can be:

  • Replace Your Bong Water Regularly: Firstly, it's paramount that you change your bong water regularly. To avoid any nasty bacteria building up in your bong and for the purest smoke possible, we recommend changing your bong water every few days.
  • Use Liquid Bong Cleaner: For the best clean possible, we recommend using a liquid bong cleaner such as Formula 420. Formula 420 is one of the most popular cleaners on the market because it's easy to use, quick and hassle-free. Simply pour the recommended amount in your empty bong, swish it around for one minute, rinse off with warm water and it should be good to go.
  • Use Soft Tip Brushes: If you haven't cleaned your bong in a while, you may find there are some thick resin caked on in some areas. If you have a glass gripper bong, we recommend using a soft tip brush. The brush will help dislodge these stubborn chunks of build up while preventing any scratches on your precious glass.
  • Clean Your Cone Piece & Downstem: Sure, it's important to clean your bong, but don't forget your bong parts too! We're talking cone pieces, downstems and ash catchers. Place these parts in a zip lock bag, pour in your Formula 420, give them a gentle swish and swirl in the bag, wash over with warm water and let them dry before placing them back in your bong. A clean bong with clean parts will produce the best smoke imaginable!


If it's comfort and peace of mind you're after when looking for your next bong, you can't go past the famous gripper bong. Purposefully designed to fit the palm of your hand to perfection, the gripper bong is going nowhere when you're using it. Forget about accidental drops or slips that can take your session from a high to a low because gripper bongs are made to last. At Glass Bongs Australia, we stock a myriad of gripper bongs guaranteed to provide a smooth, balanced and flavourful smoke every single time.

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