Liven up your smoking lifestyle with Glass Bongs Australia’s solid collection of high-quality and naturally made products from Skunk. Originating from the birthplace of rolling papers in Alcoy, Spain, Skunk has managed to build a passionate and loyal fan base due to their ruthless approach to creating only the best smoking rolling papers and accessories to enhance the smoker’s experience.

We’re confident our expansive range of Skunk products will suit all your smoking needs. Their rolling papers are made from pure hemp and 100% natural ingredients resulting in an extremely clean tasting smoke. Their papers are finished off with a run-preventing watermark so you can enjoy a smoother and more controlled draw while savouring your smoke for longer.

Take the bite out of harsh herbs with our selection of Skunk flavoured hemp papers. Also made from natural ingredients, these flavoured papers are packed with a sweetened flavour to enhance your next smoke. Experiment and find your number one flavour by choosing from a wide variety of tastes including strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, cooling sweet menthol, Hawaiian and Mentholicious!

Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of Skunk rolling papers but we also include a quality assortment of smell-proof storage bags to help eliminate odours and keep your herbs fresh and clean at all times. Designed to be the ultimate solution to keeping odour in, these UV blocking and odour-free storage bags have been sealed along the edges with a triple pressed, extra wide and thick seal. They also feature a double locking zipper that is three times thicker and more pliable than standard bags. Not only are they watertight and puncture resistant, they’re reusable so you’ll get unreal service life from them. Keep what you got without causing a stink and invest in our unmatched selection of Skunk products today! 

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