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Paper Rolls FAQ

What is a paper roll when used for smoking cannabis?

A paper roll is a lengthy, continuous sheet of rolling paper that can be sliced to any length to roll up a cigarette or joint. Generally composed of natural, unbleached fibres such as hemp or flax, this type of paper roll provides an even burn when smoking cannabis or tobacco. Smokers who prefer to roll their own joints or cigarettes tend to opt for paper rolls because it allows for a completely customisable smoking experience. The roll can be cut to any length, enabling users to roll small or large joints. Overall, a paper roll is an adaptable and practical option for those who like smoking cannabis or tobacco, providing a customisable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pre-rolled options.

What are the benefits of using a paper roll to smoke cannabis?

When using a paper roll, you can customise the size and shape of your cigarette or joint according to your liking. This allows you to roll either a smaller or larger joint based on your preferences. The even burn of a paper roll ensures a smooth smoking experience without any harsh hits. Choosing a paper roll such as the RAW Classic Paper Roll, which is made from natural and unbleached fibres, is a more eco-friendly option, unlike traditional pre-rolled cigarettes. Buying a paper roll is usually more cost-effective, as it provides more usage than a single pre-rolled cone. Moreover, the convenience of carrying a paper roll around makes it an ideal option for smoking on the go.

Are paper rolls easy to use for smoking cannabis?

When preparing and smoking cannabis, using paper rolls is generally easy. First, cut the desired length of paper from the roll and fold it in half lengthwise to create a crease that helps in rolling the joint. Then, place the desired amount of cannabis in the crease and roll the paper tightly around it using your fingers. After that, lick the adhesive strip and seal the joint. To ensure an even burn and prevent uneven burning, gently pack the filling down into the joint using a packing tool or your fingers. Finally, light the end of the joint and inhale slowly, taking small puffs to avoid coughing due to inhaling too much smoke at once.

What materials are paper rolls made from?

Hemp paper, derived from the cannabis sativa plant, is a popular choice of paper roll material for smoking cannabis due to its slow burn and thin texture. Wood pulp paper, made from tree fibres, is the primary material used for paper rolls because it is lightweight, burns evenly, and is easy to roll. Rice paper, produced from rice straw, is another preferred choice because it burns slowly and produces minimal ash. Flax paper, made from flax plant fibres, is a commonly used material for rolling cannabis due to its slow burn, thin texture, and ease of rolling. Cellulose paper, a synthetic material made from wood fibres, is a popular rolling choice due to its transparent and tasteless properties, as well as its slow-burning nature. All of these materials have different qualities that make them ideal for various smoking preferences.

What sizes of paper are available in paper rolls?

Single wide papers have a width of approximately 3.5cm, making them ideal for rolling small joints. On the other hand, 1 1/4 papers are a bit bigger than single wide papers and are commonly used for rolling longer and slimmer joints. King size papers, which are about 7.5cm wide, are perfect for those who prefer larger joints or want to roll several joints from a single paper. 1 1/2 papers are wider than 1 1/4 papers but narrower than king size papers, providing a good balance between size and ease of rolling. Double wide papers have a width of around 6cm and are a great choice for rolling larger and fatter joints. It is important to note that all of these papers are widely used in rolling and have their own unique features.

Stick it the man and roll whatever sized joints you want to with Glass Bongs Australia’s sensational selection of paper rolls. Paper rolls offer flexibility and customisability to your curren. . . Read More

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