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Orange Chronic FAQ

What Is Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner?

Orange Chronic bong cleaner is renowned globally as the go-to liquid bong cleaner that gives you instant results without any scrubbing, soaking, or waiting. Simply pour the bong cleaner into your smoking devices, shake and rinse off and you'll enjoy exceptionally clean bongs, pipes and smoking accessories guaranteed to improve your overall smoke.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner?

Orange Chronic bong cleaner boasts a patented and powerful formula with tiny granules that generate an abrasive action to remove thick and caked-on resin from your bongs, pipes, dab rigs and accessories. This top-notch cleaner will get into all the hard-to-reach areas of your smoking devices promptly and efficiently so you can spend more time enjoying your smoking session and less time tidying. Plus, it's anti-bacterial, environmentally friendly and won't leave any aftertaste or smell, guaranteeing your bong and the flavours of your favourite strains remain unaffected.

How Do I Use Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner?

Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner is incredibly easy and quick to use. In five steps you can have sparkling clean bongs and accessories certain to improve the overall flavour and performance of your smoke.

1. Shake the bottle to activate its granular formula.
2. Pour the liquid bong cleaner inside of your bong, pipe or dab rig.
3. Cover all openings ensuring there are no leakages or spillages.
4. Shake vigorously and swirl the cleaner around in a circular motion for at least one minute.
5. Once you’re happy with the results, rinse thoroughly with warm water, wash your hands and enjoy.

Why Should I Clean My Bong?

A spotless bong is one of life's simple joys. Not only does it look amazing, but it also works much better - your hits are smoother, the flavour is more enjoyable and it's less strenuous on your lungs. Not only that, but keeping your bong clean also adds to its durability. It will stay with you longer than you could ever think. You should clean your bong regularly for the best smoking experience. The more you make it a habit, the easier it is to keep your bong in pristine condition. Plus, your friends will be envious every time they steal a drag.

What Accessories Do I Need To Clean My Bong?

You can't just rely on a liquid bong cleaner such as Orange Chronic to keep your smoking devices clean and free from resin build up. Adding other cleaning accessories to your arsenal, such as cleaning brushes, pipe cleaners, cleaning caps, cleaning plugs and cleaning wipes, will ensure you reach all those nooks and crannies for the ultimate clean.

Keep your bong sparkling clean with the world-famous Orange Chronic bong cleaner available at Glass Bongs Australia. Orange Chronic is renowned internationally for being a top-notch bong clea. . . Read More

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