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Aroma Oils & Candles

Aroma Oils & Candles

Serenade your house, apartment of smoking room with beautiful scents and perfumes by investing in our stunning collection of aroma oils and candles at Glass Bongs Australia. Aroma oils and candles have a number of benefits for smoking enthusiasts and no smoking home should be without a source of stunningly gorgeous aromatics to enhance your entire smoking experience. Whether you need to mask the smell of your legal herbs from housemates, landlords or family members, are looking to enhance your overall smoking experience for the ultimate blissful relaxation session or simply just love adding another dimension of senses to your living arrangement, we have a solid collection of aroma oils and candles that will do the trick.

Your home will smell fresh as a daisy with our brilliant range of oil burners. Our oil burners come in a variety of different shapes, size and colours so you can easily find the right burner to suit your style and personality. Simply fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of your favourite essential oils, place a tea light into the burner’s recess and voila! You’ll be kicking-back and relaxing in no time at all with your sensational fragrances engulfing the room for hours on end. If you require replacement essential oils or are looking to branch out with unique smells and aromas, don’t stress because we have you sorted. Our selection of oils uses natural extracts to give you the purest fragrance throughout your home. You will be amazed at their powerfully therapeutic effect on your life as they promote spiritual focus, enhance mental clarity and emotional well-being.

If oils aren’t your thing, we also have a fantastic range of candles that are sure to brighten up your spirits. Our candles come in a variety of unique senses and aromas and are ideal if you’re looking to meditate, enjoy other sensory experiences or produce long-term positivity in your environment. Take it from us and the movie Almost Famous and light a candle, enjoy some of your favourite herbs, put on The Who’s ‘Tommy’ and you’ll see your entire future. We believe no setup is complete without the addition of aroma oils and candles because they have the power to take your smoking experience to the next dimension. Explore our stunning collection today!

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