We don’t discriminate here at Glass Bongs Australia and that’s why we have purposefully created a selection of daily basic bongs to cater for everyone. After browsing so many online stores we found it incredibly disheartening to see how expensive some bongs can be despite their poor quality and craftsmanship. So, we decided right there and then to provide all our customers the exact same opportunity to experience the beautiful effects of bong smoking with our expansive collection of high-quality, durable and versatile bongs that won’t bust the bank.

Whether you’re new to the scene looking for your first bong or a highly experienced user searching for another bong to add to your stunning collection, our range of inexpensive bongs will have something just right for you. You won’t feel restricted for choice as our bongs will almost definitely fit into your price range. And we can ensure you that you won’t be compromising for quality as all our bongs are made for the highest-grade materials resulting in consistently smooth, clean and undeniably fantastic rips. We’re stocked to the brim with a vast collection of unique shapes, styles and sizes including diffusor filtered, dual system, dab and oil rigs and also your stock standard straight tube, beaker base, flat base, round base and inline bongs. 

If the unexpected does happen to your old bong, our range of affordable bongs allows you to pick up exactly where you left off without emptying your wallet completely. They’re a perfect starting off point if you’re on the prowl for a cheap travel bong to take with you on your next road trip or one you can confidently share at your next party without stressing if it’ll take a few knocks, bumps and bruises. Not only will you be saving money on a reliable smoking device that comes with many of the same trimmings, bells and whistles that expensive bongs possess, but you’ll then be able to invest your hard earned cash on more of your favourite herbs so you can enjoy smoking for longer!

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