Speciality Papers

Speciality Papers

Don’t settle for the ordinary and push the limits of extravagance by rolling your own with Glass Bong Australia’s speciality papers collection. Our awesome selection of speciality papers is your launching pad towards shifting from the mundane to a life filled with luxurious, fascinating and conversation starting rolling papers.

Whether you want to show off your class, style and exuberance with our edible gold papers, make a colourful and bold statement with our one-of-a-kind printed designed papers or simply be the life of the party with our flavoured papers bursting with new taste sensations, we have the niche paper for you!

We’re dedicated to offering you a massive variety of shapes and sizes including pre-rolled cones, blunt and hemp wraps, paper rolls and paper and tip combos. Plus, our products are made from an exquisite assortment of materials to suit your smoking lifestyle such as hemp, rice, organic, slow-burn, transparent and ultra-thin rolling papers. Whether it is for a social gathering, sharing with friends in the great outdoors or simply chilling at home in comfort and style, we have all the speciality papers for you, no matter the occasion.

Featuring some of your favourite speciality brands including Shine, The Original Spanish, Rips and many more, our carefully selected speciality rolling papers will have everyone turning their heads as you blissfully indulge in your special RYO smoke like no other.

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