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Satisfy your cravings and tackle the munchies during your next session with Glass Bongs Australia’s ridiculous selection of scrumptious savoury snacks, diabolically delicious drinks and succulent sugary sweets. Picture this, you’re halfway through a mind-bending session, your stomach begins growling for attention and before you know it, you’ve got the munchies. You visit the cupboard or fridge to find the perfect salty or sweet sustenance to please all your senses but there’s nothing there. Nudda, zero, zilch, nothing! Is there anything more agonisingly sad, deflating and down right disappointing? Make this an experience of the past by adding on a selection of your favourite snacks to your next order so you’re always ready to go when the munchies take a hold of your mind, body and soul.

Glass Bongs Australia has gone above and beyond to source an extensive range of snacks to cure your munchies. From Australia and abroad, we have scoured the corners of the globe to bring you all your familiar favourites as well as new and exotic brands that will undoubtedly take your next session to a completely new level. If you’ve been blessed with a sweet tooth and are craving sugary treats, then check out our mind-bending selection of biscuits, cereals, cakes and lollies including HoHo’s, Pop-Tarts, Cookie Dough, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Twinkies, Mallowpuff, Hi-Chew, Mike and Ike, Nerds, Warheads, PEZ, Pop Rocks and so much more. If its chocolate you’re after, then our choice of all the biggest brands including Cadbury, Hershey’s M&M’s, Nestle and Reese’s will easily satisfy your Augustus Gloop-like appetite. Perhaps it’s a salty and savoury itch that needs scratching, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted with our selection of potato chips such as Herr’s, Pringles, Cheetos and many more. Wash it all down with our bubbly, refreshing and flavourful selection of soft drinks and juices including Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Fanta and so much more.

You’re eyes are never too big for your stomach when it comes to having the munchies and that’s why its so integral to add-on a bunch of our delicious sweet and savoury snacks to your order, so you never end up hungry, bored or in tears during your next session.

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