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King Size Slim

King Size Slim

Glass Bongs Australia is the place to go for all your rolling paper needs especially if you’re tracking down the best selection of King Size Slim papers. King Size Slim rolling papers are the same length as King Size rolling papers with both sitting approximately between 100 - 110mm in length. However, King Size Slim is slightly wider measuring around 44mm compared to the 55 – 60mm width of King Size papers. The reduction in width helps create an extremely long and thin roll helping you conserve you favourite legal herbs for a longer and more enjoyable smoke.

King Size Slim rolling papers are essentially a hybrid of other varieties as it combines the length of a King Size with the width of a 1 ¼ paper. They are known to be one of the most difficult papers to roll but are extremely popular with experienced and seasoned ‘roll your own’ users as they provide the user with the perfect amount of paper to roll into any shape while maintaining a longer burn time. However, don’t be put off by the added complexities if you’re a novice or beginner. The awesome benefits associated with using King Size Slim papers is totally worth the hours of practise overcoming fumbling fingers, sweaty palms and poor dexterity. Not only will you extend the lifetime of your herbs, but you’ll be able to show off your latest and greatest rolled creation to your mates at your next party and knock their socks off with your new and impressive talent.

At Glass Bongs Australia, we stock a mad variety of unique styles, sizes and brands of King Size Slim rolling papers to suit every need and preference. We have a bunch of different materials such as rice, hemp and flax as well as other niche varieties including ultra-thin, slow burn, organic and unrefined. Plus, we even have King Size Slim flavoured papers so you can add a fruity, sweetened and vibrant sensation to your next smoke. We proudly stock all your favourite brands such as RAW, Elements, Juicy Jay’s, Clipper 4:Twenty and heaps more so you can rest assured we have you covered no matter what kind of brand of papers you love to smoke. Explore our extensive range of King Size Slim rolling papers today and discover for yourself why they’re so loved by so many smoking enthusiasts around the country.

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