Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay's

Leave the mundane world behind and step into a new one busting to the brim with flavour, colour and innovation with Glass Bongs Australia’s selection of Juicy Jay’s rolling papers, wraps and smoking accessories. Juicy Jay’s are one of the industry’s most forward-thinking brands focused on producing mind-blowing, tastebud tantalising and extremely exotic smoking experiences for all enthusiasts.

Juicy Jay’s is most famous for their ability to transform regular rolling papers and wraps from the dull and boring to the exciting and unforgettable. They use a triple-dipped flavour system which helps produce some of the most juiciest, mouth-watering and flavourful rolling papers and wraps on the entire market. The spectrum of flavours produced by Juicy Jay’s is so astounding that you’ll be champing at the bit to try them all. Flavours include all your fruity favourites such as blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and watermelon as well as other unique and interesting flavours including chocolate, coconut, bubble gum and liquorice. They come in all the regular sizes of rolling papers plus other forms such as pre-rolled cones and paper rolls to suit all needs and preferences.

Not only do we stock purely Juicy Jay’s rolling papers and wraps but we also have an abundance of other smoking accessories to help kit out your entire set up. We have flavoured drops, airtight glass storage containers, incense and rolling machines, so if you particularly love the Juicy Jay’s papers and wraps, we highly recommend checking out the rest of their collection right here at Glass Bongs Australia. It’s time to stop neglecting your tastebuds and reward yourself with a punch of flavour the next time you smoke by trying out Juicy Jay’s awesome range.

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