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Flavoured Drops

Flavoured Drops

Boost the natural flavours of your smoke and add a burst of flavour with our delicious selection of flavoured drops at Glass Bongs Australia. If you’re sick and tired of the boring, bland and mundane flavours of your herbs, we recommend spicing up your smoking experience with our wide range of funky flavoured drops. To use, simply spray the flavoured drops on to your tobacco, herbs, oils, wax blunt wraps or rolling papers, let dry and enter a new world filled with dazzling tastes and fruity sensations.

Our range includes some of your favourite brands, including Tasty Puff and Juicy Jay’s, and all are made with quality food grade natural ingredients. They’re available in a bunch of different sizes so you can rest easy knowing your bottle will last you hundreds of applications. There are a ridiculous amount of flavours to choose from so you’ll never grow bored of finding new and exotic flavours to try and experiment with. Flavours include your fruity favourites such as apple, grape, mango and watermelon; sweet sensations such as birthday cake, whipped cream and toffee plus other unique yet beautiful tastes including champagne, root beer, coffee and black liquorice.

The smorgasbord of flavours available will have you coming back time and time again, sharing new flavours with friends and fellow smoking enthusiasts and expanding your taste profile. Enhance, elevate and energise your regular smoking routine by trying our awesome range of flavoured drops. They’re guaranteed to take your next smoking experience to a completely new level!

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