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Pass it to the left hand side and enjoy an all natural, additive-free and vegan friendly smoking experience with Glass Bongs Australia’s quality selection of Dutchie rolling papers at affordable prices. After its founders spoke to fellow smoking connoisseurs about how there was a strong need for a range of premium quality rolling papers made from natural, unbleached paper and organic hemp to ensure smooth, even burning and natural tasting smokes, Dutchie was born.

Dutchie’s natural unbleached papers are thin papers which have a unique watermark pattern ensuring a slow even burn all the way down. The smoking papers are 100% natural and they even use certified organic and gluten free gum. The packaging is made with vegetable based inks ensuring every part of the rolling experience from start to finish is natural and vegan friendly. Plus, when you get down to your last 10 papers a friendly warning lets you know there is 10 to go, giving you plenty time to buy your next Dutchie pack. We also stock Dutchie’s natural unbleached organic hemp papers that are all-natural, 100% organic and completely vegan friendly rolling papers so you can rest easy knowing you’re using ecologically sustainable materials to smoke your finest herbs with.

We stock a variety of different sizes of Dutchie rolling papers including King Size Slim and their awesome papers and filter tips combos which makes rolling your own an absolute breeze as you don’t need to worry about running around looking for a filter tip. Even their filter tips are made from unbleached organic hemp, so they are perfect for vegans and anyone worried about gluten. Enjoy a rolling paper that is burns evenly, tastes pure and is made from natural sustainable materials and give Dutchie a try today!

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