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Dual System Bongs & Dab Rigs

Dual System Bongs & Dab Rigs

Glass Bongs Australia’s brilliant selection of dual system bong and dab rigs is carefully created to provide you with the perfect device to achieve your smoking and dabbing needs all in one place. No longer do you require two separate devices to facilitate your smoking and dabbing passions as our collection of awesome bong and dab rigs delivers awesome dual-use functionality so you can easily and quickly customise your smoking experience between herbs and dabbing. Our diverse range of affordable, durable and versatile dual system bong and dab rigs will have you enjoying the best of both worlds in no time at all.

The majority of our dual system bong and dab rigs offer the user percolator and diffusor features to help make your smoke, whether it be with herbs or concentrates, smoother, cleaner and more enjoyable. You’ll be spending plenty of time admiring our wicked selection of dual systems that will suit all budgets and expertise levels. Our dual systems are available in an abundance of unique styles, sizes, shapes and colours so you can easily find the right dual system to match your personality and smoking desires. From small and intricate designs to large statement pieces, we stock almost everything from all your favourite brands including Chongz, Jaxx USA and many more.

Enjoy smoother and more flavourful smokes by investing in one of our dual systems made from incredibly durable, tough and long-lasting glass. They offer the perfect mix of flexibility, customisability and functionality so you can indulge in both of your smoking and dabbing passions for years to come. Explore the unlimited possibilities of our dual system range and shop at Glass Bongs Australia today!

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