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Bing Bongs

Bing Bongs

Bliss out every day with Glass Bongs Australia’s very own budget-friendly, durable and elegantly designed range of glassware called Bing Bongs. Bing Bongs was designed and manufactured by the smoking masterminds behind Glass Bongs Australia after they couldn’t find an inexpensive glass bong that produced brilliant smooth and clean results each and every smoke. We’ve purposefully catered towards those who desperately want an affordable and basic glass bong without paying too much but maintaining high quality, thick and individually hand blown glass. 

Our branded Bing Bong range comprises of basic shapes that come in a variety of accented colours to ensure you find a style you’re looking for. More specifically, the Bing Bong range includes beaker base, straight tube, bent bubble and gripper bongs. As part of our Bing Bong range, you can always expect great quality at a bargain price. All of our Bing Bongs have a particularly heavy base to support any tar catcher. Plus, you will be taking comfortable rips with features like a thick mouthpiece, ice pinch or percolators.

Take it up a notch and invest in one of our handy bargain Bing Bong bundles. These bundles are fantastic value for money and feature various combinations including downstems, cone pieces and tar catchers. Not only are they ideal for those new to bong smoking, but they’re an unreal gift for a loved one. Don’t bust the bank, invest in our own superior range of glass bongs and enjoy all the features of an expensive bong for nowhere near the price. It’s a no-brainer!

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