1 1/2 Size

1 1/2 Size

1 1/2

Finding the right rolling paper can be a difficult and confusing process but at Glass Bongs Australia we try to make it as easy as possible with our fantastic range of rolling papers. Rolling papers come in a variety of different lengths and widths and are each used for different purposes depending on your smoking preferences. One of our most popular rolling papers sizes is the 1 ½, which got its name because it can hold approximately 50% more product than a Single Wide rolling paper. Generally speaking, our 1 ½ rolling papers sit between 76 – 78mm in length and 60 – 62mm in width, so they’re about the same length as 1 ¼ but, because they’re wider, you will end up with a thicker joint filled with more of your favourite legal herbs.

If you’re fresh on the scene and have only begun to learn to ‘roll your own’ (RYO) than 1 ½ rolling papers are an ideal starting off point. Due to the larger width and surface area, they allow you to have greater control and ability to shape or mould your rolling paper to how it suits you best. Plus, it gives you more room for error if you find yourself struggling to tuck the paper in and forming the ideal joint. For the more experienced users, 1 ½ rolling papers are wonderful for when you’re looking to enjoy a bigger and longer smoke. Not only are 1 ½ rolling papers an ideal size for the times you’re sharing with three or four of your buddies, but with more herbs packed in, you get to enjoy a longer, smoother and cleaner smoke.

We stock such a wide variety of your favourite rolling papers brands such as RAW, Elements, The Original Spanish, Skunk and more, so you can find exactly the right 1 ½ rolling paper for you. No matter what you’re smoking preferences are, all our 1 ½ rolling papers are made from entirely unique materials so you can spice up your smoking lifestyle whenever you want by experimenting with rice papers, hemp papers, flavoured papers, organic papers, ultra thin papers or unrefined papers. Whatever you’re after, our solid range of 1 ½ rolling papers will certainly tick all the boxes required for you to have a blissful, slow-burning, even and incredibly memorable smoking experience.

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