Zippo lighters are the most reliable, durable and cost-effective joint and cigarette lighters on the market. These lighters are ideal for smoking cannabis because they are dependable, eco-frendly and long-lasting. Plus, Zippos come in a variety of awesome lighter designs, fashionable colours and patterns that reflect your smoking lifestyle. In this article we look at the distinctive features of Zippo lighters, what sets them apart from other lighters and why you should invest in a flip lighter for your next smoking session.

Black and gold Zippo lighter

What Is A Zippo Lighter?

Zippo lighters have been around for over 80 years and are a type of refillable windproof metal lighter that is known to be durable and reliable. With a hinged metal case, the classic flick lighter design reveals a wick and flint that ignite the fuel-soaked cotton inside. From sleek black matte to classic brushed chrome, Zippo windproof lighters are available in various designs and finishes. As they can be refilled with lighter fluid, they are also an eco-friendly choice.

Unique Features Of A Zippo Lighter

Zippos lighters have many unique features that seperate them from other flip lighters. These features include:

Made From Reusable Metal

Zippo lighters are meticulously crafted from premium brass sheets and shaped into top and bottom casing pieces. The nickel bath is applied to the brass, creating a solid adhesive for the striking finish. The insert, composed of top-quality steel and brass, features a flint spring, flint wheel, and a cotton-wicked zigzag.

Hinged Metal Case

The Zippo lighter is a cool lighter with an ingenious invention with a straightforward mechanism. It comprises two parts, a hinged metal case that houses the fuel and the ignition system. The lid is connected to the body using a small hinge, which allows the user to open and close it with ease. This feature comes in handy when you need to extinguish the flame or prevent the fuel from evaporating. Zippo lighters are favoured by cannabis enthusiasts because of their simplicity and effectiveness.

Famous Click Sound

Zippo lighters are more than just a handy tool for smokers. They are also a piece of engineering marvel that produces a unique "click" sound. This sound is created by a tiny yet powerful spring that holds the flint in place. When the lighter is opened, the spring is released and moves across the wheel's teeth, producing a satisfying clicking noise that resonates through the metal casing. It's no wonder that this remarkable sound has become synonymous with the Zippo brand.


Zippo lighters are a big hit, partly because they can be refilled. Replenishing a Zippo lighter is easy-peasy, as all you need to do is open the metal case, remove the cotton wadding, pour fuel into the chamber, put the wadding back in, and shut the case. Zippo lighters are widely regarded for their ruggedness and how long they last, and refilling them just makes them more practical and user-friendly.

Windproof Design

Zippo lighters are renowned for their windproof design, featuring a cleverly crafted chimney that allows air to flow through without extinguishing the flame. This game-changing feature is vital for outdoor enthusiasts who can now light a flame even in the windiest of conditions. Not only does this make it ideal for camping or hiking, but the windproof design guarantees a consistent flame, providing a reliable source of heat or light.

Lifetime Guarantee

They may be an expensive lighter, but these lighters offer a lifetime guarantee that promises free repairs if the lighter malfunctions. This feature has earned the brand a reputation for not only being a fancy lighter, but also reliable and long-lasting, thanks to the company's commitment to making good on their promise. It's no wonder that Zippo lighters are a popular choice for those who demand a dependable flame.

Black and silver pattern Zippo lighter in hand

How Do You Use A Zippo Lighter?

1. Check The Fuel Level

To ensure your Zippo lighter ignites without any hiccups, it's crucial to check the fuel level before usage. Make sure there's an adequate amount of fuel in the lighter to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Open The Lid

Flip open the lid of the Zippo lighter.

3. Ignite The Lighter

To light up the lighter, give the flint wheel a gentle spin until it sparks. Then, position the lighter near the wick and let the flame do its magic.

4. Adjust The Flame

To get the perfect flame, make use of the small wheel situated at the bottom of your lighter. You can adjust it to increase or decrease the flame intensity as per your liking.

5. Close The Lid

To properly use a Zippo cigarette lighter, always remember to close the lid after use to extinguish the flame. It's also important to perform routine maintenance on your lighter to keep it functioning at its best. Make sure to keep your Zippo in top condition for smooth and reliable lighting.

What's The Difference Between A Zippo Lighter And An Ordinary Lighter Such As Bic?

Zippo lighters reign supreme over their counterparts like Bic lighters for various reasons.

1. Windproof

Primarily, Zippo lighters excel in their windproof capabilities, positioning them as the perfect tool under any climatic conditions. Contrary to standard lighters, the resilient flame of Zippo lighters stand firm against even the strongest wind gusts. This unique characteristic establishes these lighters as a preferred choice among those who love to explore the great outdoors.

2. Refillable

Zippos lighters are recognized for their refillable feature. This not only makes these lighters a cost-effective choice but also endorses their sustainability.

3. Durable

Zippo lighters are crafted for resilience. Built with robust metal materials, these Zippo lighters can withstand intense usage without bearing even a single scratch.

4. Lifetime Guarantee

Zippo lighters come with a lifetime assurance; should your Zippo lighter malfunction, it is eligible for repair or replacement. With Zippos, you're investing in a product that promises long-term reliability.

5. Quality Fuel

Zippo lighters utilise a distinctive fuel that not only provides a steady flame but also emits a characteristic scent that captivates many.

Black Zippo lighter with ignited flame

Why Are Zippo Lighters More Expensive Than Regular Lighters?

Zippo lighters are a cut above regular lighters in terms of durability, performance, and reliability. While they may be pricier than your average Bic, it's important to note that these lighters are constructed from top-quality materials and come with a lifetime guarantee. This means you're investing in a lighter that'll stand the test of time. Sure, these lighters may not be as budget-friendly as Bic, but plenty of folks prioritise style and longevity when it comes to their lighter of choice.

How Do I Know If My Zippo Lighter Is Real Or Fake?

Zippo is a renowned brand that produces top-notch lighters, having a plethora of trademark rights to safeguard its brand. It has secured trademark registrations for its wordmarks, logos, and product features, along with copyright and patent protections.

To verify the authenticity of your Zippo lighter, keep an eye out for a couple of key features. Firstly, ensure that the bottom stamp is stamped, not engraved. Secondly, take note of the details on the stamp and insert engravings - they should be spot-on.

It is essential to be wary of counterfeit Zippo lighters flooding the market. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase from authorized retailers, such as Glass Bongs Australia, to ensure the authenticity of your Zippo lighters.

Silver Zippo lighter among tools

How Long Do Zippos Last?

The Zippo flame is world-renowned for it's longevity and reliability. The Zippo lifetime guarantee is what makes these the most sought-after lighters on the market. However, the precise period a full tank endures can heavily rely on how frequently it's used and for what duration. Typically, under moderate usage conditions, a Zippo lighter's fully fueled tank can sustain for one to two weeks. It's crucial to be aware that these Zippos incorporate a wick and flint system which could result in fuel evaporation over time, even if idle. Consequently, irrespective of actual usage, the lighter might necessitate refilling every couple of weeks.

How Often Should I Refill My Zippo Lighter?

When it comes to refilling your trusty Zippo lighter, the number of times you use it plays a huge role. Typically, these lighters can keep on burning for a week or even two before needing a refill, but it all boils down to flame height, wind speed, and how often you light up. To keep your flame going, it's always wise to have some extra fluid nearby. Don't forget to use only Zippo lighter fluid to keep your lighter running smoothly - you wouldn't want any damage or performance issues!

How Often Should I Replace My Flint In My Zippo Lighter?

If you're a regular user of Zippo lighters, it's recommended that you replace the flint every few weeks. This will depend upon your usage pattern, but typically an average user may need to replace the flint approximately every few weeks. To replace the flint, the inner unit must be removed from the case. Then, unscrew the flint spring, insert a new flint into the brass-colored tube, and tighten the flint spring clockwise until tight. Make sure that the lid can fully close. Do use only genuine Zippo fuel, wicks, and flints - they work the best!

How Often Should I Replace My Wick In My Zippo Lighter?

To ensure your Zippo utility lighter performs at its best, replace its wick after two to three trimmings, which is only required once or twice a year. For a seamless experience, it’s best to use authentic Zippo fuel, wicks, and flints. Trust us, your lighter will thank you for it!

How Do I Use A Zippo Torch Insert?

To implement and utilize a Zippo Torch Insert with your Zippo lighters, start by verifying that your zippos case is devoid of any contents. Pry open the lighter case and carefully extract the traditional insert, making sure not to damage the wick. Subsequently, position the Torch Insert in alignment with the case, ensuring that its chimney is aimed towards the hole. Gently yet decisively slide it in until it fits snugly. The Torch Insert should be level with the top of your zippos case.

Now, it's time to power up your Zippo lighter. Unveil the cotton padding by opening the bottom of the insert. Pour in butane fuel until the cotton is fully soaked, then securely close the base of your Zippo. Allow a few minutes for the fuel to settle before sparking it up. For ignition, simply flip open your lighter's lid and press down on the ignition switch. The Torch Insert of Zippo lighters will yield a steady, windproof flame which is an ideal choice for lighting cigars, pipes, or even campfires.

Zippo Lighter Designs & Aesthetics

The beauty of Zippo lighters is their famous and adored styles and designs. They're cool lighters with classic, modern and stylish patterns and colours to suit everyone's tast. Glass Bongs Australia's collection of unique zippo designs makes us one of the most popular lighter shops on the Australian market. Our range of Zippo lighters including Zippo classic colours such as glow in the dark, hot pink and iridescent, zippo chrome styles such as the Classic Street Chrome Lighter and wonderful aesthetic lighter artworks such as the Zippo Drea Catcher Multi Colour Polished Lighter, make it hard to pick just one cool lighter.

Conclusion: Where To Buy Zippo For Sale

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